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The Infamous Stanford Marching Band Is Banned Until 2017 For A “Cultural Problem”

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stanford band banned

The Stanford band won’t be seeing a stadium or arena near you anytime soon. On Friday, Stanford announced it would be suspending the program until the of end 2017 spring and completely revamping it after finding “a systemic cultural problem” within the band. The university said the band, known for making mockeries of halftime shows like the 2016 Rose Bowl against Iowa, violated several policies including a travel ban and alcohol ban.

From Stanford University:

A campus Organization Conduct Board (OCB) panel recently found the Band responsible for new violations of campus alcohol policy, the alcohol suspension and the travel ban. Reviewing both the new violations and the failure to complete the required reforms over the last 18 months, the OCB panel found “a systemic cultural problem” in the Band organization and concluded that “the outstanding issues have not been taken seriously by the Band or its leadership and that nothing more will be accomplished without extreme consequences.”

As part of the existing travel ban, the Band was prohibited from traveling to the Big Game at the University of California, Berkeley, last month and had been informed that it would be unable to travel to the Sun Bowl on December 30.

So you’re telling me fraternities aren’t the only student organizations that can get booted for getting too blackout drunk too often at out-of-town events? Wow. It’s time to check your privilege, Stanford Band. You just reached our level of debauchery.

Nobody’s really got an “eh” opinion of the Stanford band. You either think their shenanigans are funny, harmless, college-student antics, or you think the program is dumb as shit and an embarrassment to the university. I started this article on the “Ha, this band is funny” team. I’m ending it on the “Ha, see you later, boners” team. I’d like to present two pieces of evidence to the jury as to why I experienced this change of heart.

From Stanford Daily:

“Band is devastated,” said Stanford Tree Sam Weyen ’18. “I’ve cried with maybe 20 separate people tonight. … I for one have never felt so empty inside, as the Stanford band was my safe space, my smultronstalle, my everything. I’m left hapless wondering if Stanford actually gives a shit about me.”


The passion is there. I can feel it. However, you, especially as the Stanford tree mascot, can’t call the band a safe space and then follow it up with a Swedish word for “a wild field of strawberries” and still get me to support your cause. That, and Bill Burr kinda hates you, too.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the Stanford band will have a while to sit on the sidelines and think about what they’ve done. They’ll be back. Stronger? Yes. Better behaved? Highly unlikely.

[via Stanford University, Stanford Daily]

Image via YouTube

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