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Is This Leo DiCaprio Dancing His Balls Off At Coachella?

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Leonardo DiCaprio is one of those guys who just always seems like he’s doing something cool. Whether it’s starring in movies about guys who steal enough money and do enough drugs to make a drug cartel look like a legitimate business or giving the winning actor in a category he was nominated for a standing ovation, Leo is always involved in something awesome, and usually something fairly classy. Of course, Coachella is only one of those things, and it didn’t stop him from taking some time to relax from his millionaire movie star lifestyle, if this video is any indication.

Now, before you say, “…but how can you tell? You never see his face,” he was spotted later in the same clothes on stage with one of the bands, as well as taking some photos with fans later in the festival, according to an article from the Huffington Post. This is Leo just chilling in the crowd–like he doesn’t have enough money to fill an entire yacht with cocaine, money, and gorgeous Colombian prostitutes–to the shock of, at the very least, the girl who shot the video. The look on her face is simultaneously one of orgasm and surprise. I mean, damn. I wish I could make that happen by swaying back and forth in a concert dance circle.

I have to say, I admire the man’s dance moves. The amount of fucks given is so low, it seems to be negative. That’s an impressive feat, given that negative fucks are theorized to be a mathematical impossibility by many noted frathematicians, but Leo doesn’t seem to mind. He’s just swaying along to the music and enjoying a little slice of pseudo-anonymity for a few moments. As ridiculous as it seems to say this, I imagine being constantly swarmed by hot, sex-crazed dimes could get old after a while.

Later on, he was back to his energized self, up on stage with MGMT and dancing his ass off. Anyone who has seen “Wolf of Wall Street” knows Leo can get down.

Fuckin’ Leo.

[via Huffington Post]

Image via YouTube

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