Is This Risk Chair An Idiot For Hiring Off-Duty Cops As Party Security?

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Back in my fraternity days, the idea of being Risk Chair never appealed to me. Too much responsibility and too official sounding for my blood. It’s why my position as chapter Secretary was a much better fit: few official duties and I still got to say I was in E-Board.

That being said, someone has to be Risk Chair. And, relatively speaking, for the well-adjusted individual — which I am not — it’s a pretty easy gig. All you’ve got to do is make sure the house doesn’t burn down, make sure no one commits murder, and so on and so forth. The key, overall, is being a passive Risk Chair. You manage the risk as it comes, you don’t proactively set about to create risk-free situations. No one likes a tryhard for a Risk Chair.

Someone should have passed that information along to the RC of our sad tale, who, as a fellow brother recounted via Reddit thread, made an extremely foolhardy decision by all accounts when it came to hiring party security.

From Reddit:

My glorious risk chair decided it was a good idea to hire off-duty cops to be security at our next party this weekend at our off-campus houses… This can’t end well right?

He claims they agreed to follow his set of rules, which include not IDing anyone underage and not entering the house.

How bad of an idea is this? What the fuck do I do? It’s my house…. There’s no way this is going to end well. Our exec board is incompetent for letting this fool pull this stunt. Nobody else in our chapter knows.

Edit: yes, it’s obvious my risk chair is a fucking moron. I tried telling him to go back on this and he said Nawh we already paid them…. I’ll keep y’all posted on how fucked over we get.

Cops at a party? Jesus Christ! Is this kid taking crazy pills! He must be taking crazy pills!

I mean, this kid has to go. Can you impeach a Risk Chair? Throw a coup? A special election, maybe, to maintain some sense of democracy? Whatever the case, the fraternity members need to band together and do something because they have a loose cannon Risk Chair on their hands playing with people’s lives here.

I just hope the house has enough lube on hand, because if they stay true to this whole off-duty cop situation, they need to prepare to get royally FUCKED by the long dick of the law.

[via Reddit]

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