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Jack Nicholson Pulls Huge Power Moves At Lakers Games

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Just when you think you can’t love Jack Nicholson any more, he goes and gets Dane Cook thrown out of his courtside Lakers seats, because you don’t fuck with Jack and his Lakers (Cook was wearing Celtics gear). Of course that’s just Jack being Jack. The guy has no fucks to give, and probably never has. Unfortunately, in the days of Disney owning ESPN, it’s unlikely you or I will ever see Jack going full Jack on the sidelines of a Lakers game. Sure they’ll show the legendary actor screaming terrifying obscenities, The Departed style, at Joey Crawford or some other idiot ref whose call against the Lakers offended Jack, but we’ll never get to see the glory days of Nicholson discreetly (or not) doing bumps with Mickey Rourke and a 9-year-old Drew Barrymore. God I wish I could take a trip to the ’80s.

Thankfully, Jack can still pull a quality power move, whether it’s fueled by cocaine or simply his love for the Lakers. Such was the case a few years ago during the Celtics-Lakers NBA Finals, as the gorgeous and apparently hardcore Celtics fan Maria Menounos tells Conan O’Brien in the interview below. Check it out.

A few takeaways here:

1) God I love you Maria Menounos. There’s something about a pretty girl who gets overly intense for her teams that drives me crazy. Or maybe she’s just super hot. Could be that.

2) Jack’s power moves are so powerful that they’re composed of smaller power moves. The guy called Jerry Buss, the Lakers’ owner, because OF COURSE he had Buss’ number. He got two other celebrities kicked out of their insanely expensive seats probably without even explaining why, and definitely with no regard for who they were. Then he rubbed it in their faces.

What a badass.

Also, God this image is hot.




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