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TFM is looking for funny, talented, creative writers to join our freelance writing team and become the unfettered voice of college news that you will only find in one place. We aim to become the window through to what’s really happening in college culture and college news, and you, the ones actually representing universities across the country, are going to bring it to us.

We want to cover the stories from your campus, plus universities in your region, in your conference, and across the country. Write under your real name and gain exposure through our massive audience and millions of social media followers, or use a pen name and stay anonymous. We don’t care how you do it; we just want to share your writing.

If you can impress me with your writing ability, you will receive an offer to join our freelance team and write for us regularly.

Why this is a great opportunity for you:

1. The Grandex network attracts millions of monthly visitors. If you want to get your work out there and read by a massive audience, this is your chance.

2. Writing is fun, especially when given the freedom to write about any topic of your choosing.

3. If you’re an aspiring journalist, blogger, or writer of any sort, it’s a great way to get your foot in the industry door.

4. “Contributing Writer for Grandex, Inc” can be a great résumé addition, considering our vast audience.

5. You can become eligible for compensation.

Here’s how the process works (read carefully):

You will use this to submit your application and writing sample. Instructions are below.

1. Write an original news story with a word count of 200-400 words. Your piece should be informative, funny, on-brand, and, most importantly, your own work. This is your chance to show us how funny and creative you are. If you don’t think it stands out from the pack and blows us away, re-work it until it does. The subject of your news story can be anything. Cover something already in the news or report to us what’s going on at your school. The main thing we want to see is your writing ability.

2. Create an account on the site if you don’t already have one.

3. Go to the submission page and click “Submit Application” in the box.

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4. Fill out the submission form.

5. Attach your writing sample.

6. Submit.

If your news story is deemed publish-worthy, you will be contacted by our staff to discuss your future as a potential writer for TFM.

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