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Mizzou Protestor Who Starved Himself Loves Stealing Food And Singing About Crack

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Social justice warrior Jonathan Butler isn’t quite as innocent as he’d like for you to believe. In fact, the man, whose hunger strike was at the center of Mizzou football’s boycott last fall, also loves stealing from hotels and he hates low-income employees. He also enjoys singing about crack and discussing the issue of “ratchet women.”

Heat Street dug into Butler’s online presence and found a few unfavorable blog posts and YouTube videos under his name.

In a blog post from August 2011, titled ‘My Summer Breakfast Experience,’ Butler describes how, for 61 days, he swung by a hotel before work and “decided to indulge myself with ‘free’ breakfast items.”

Butler describes trying to get caught stealing food, making goofy faces in the camera and making sure staff got a good look at his face.

“Beyond even pure sport it was a [sic] adrenaline rush to find out when someone would approach me about partaking in this ‘free’ breakfast,” Butler writes. “Each passing day built up with more and more excitement and the anticipation of the hunt. The mere fact that confrontation was just around the corner drove me wild with passion.”

What was Butler trying to accomplish? He writes: “Now ideally in my mind I wanted S.W.A.T. team members to drop from the sky, tear gas to be thrown while I has [sic] attacked by 5 different german shepherds, and beat like Rodney King. But in my disappointment I was only greeted at the front by two managers.”

He describes one of these employees as a “’stubborn middle age crisis I’m a lonely old bag and I hate the world’ lady manager.” He writes that he “chuckled to myself but just loud enough to upset the two managers (on purpose) knowing that [the other] was too frail to honestly throw anyone out.”

Butler says he claimed to know the maid, Maria, and staff asked her last name. “Not knowing Maria’s real last name the first thing that came to mind was to say, ‘Sanchez,’ he says. … So was it wrong to eat the food, probably yea. Was it wrong to give a last-name like ‘Sanchez’ to Maria the worker, yea, probably.”

He also describes arguing with the managers when he was finally caught, boasting, “I spent too much time in debate class and different forums to let [the female manager] punk me with her below minimum wage salary.” Besides, he says, he doesn’t appreciate her “rehearsed establishment confrontation dialogue.

What. The. Fuck.

What is wrong with this guy? He stole food for “sport.” You know who also does things that are blatantly wrong for sport? Serial killers. This dude is mental.

That one interaction posted by Heat Street is just a sneak peek into the life of Butler. If that was just one instance into his rich (and make no mistake, very very privileged life) then I can’t even fathom the interactions he didn’t blog about.

Let’s not forget another reason why the protesters wanted UM Systems President Tim Wolfe out was because of an incident involving Butler at the homecoming parade. The protesters claimed Wolfe’s driver hit Butler with his car when the protesters were blocking the parade. Take a look at the video. Sure seems like Butler runs into the car and then the protestors call their own fouls. Almost metaphoric really.

Not surprisingly, Butler didn’t respond to Heat Street’s requests for an interview after the dirty laundry was found. The blog posts were taken down and videos were made private shortly thereafter. Thankfully, Heat Street snapped it all up before it was scrubbed, so head over there and check it out.

Well, at least he’s finally graduating after seven years at Mizzou.

Goodbye and good riddance.

[via Heat Street]

Image via YouTube

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