Jordan Military “Unleashes Hell” on ISIS, Pilot Honored In Flyover, King Quotes Clint Eastwood

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Is it just me, or is Jordan acting more American than America lately?

It has become abundantly clear that Jordan and ISIS don’t exactly see eye to eye. ISIS recently posted footage of it burning recently captured Jordan pilot Lieutenant Moath al-Kasaesbeh alive — which, by the way, fuck everything about that. Jordan responded within hours by executing two convicted jihadists, a failed female ISIS suicide bomber (She was trying to off herself anyway, so no harm, no foul, right?) and a captured senior al-Qaeda operative.

You know what they say, an eye for both eyes.

The outraged nation decided to take things one step further, though. They’re kind of the militant equivalent of pissed off 12-year-olds playing NFL Blitz, button-mashing their N64 controller, throwing and body slamming the quarterback after a bone-crushing sack.

They straight up bombed the shit out of ISIS.

Yup, that’s footage of the Jordanian military making it rain on ISIS training centers and ammunition depots. Revenge is a dish best served flambé.

King Abdullah II sent 30 Jordanian fighter jets into battle. They all returned to Jordan, unscathed. It should be noted that the bombing operation was named “Moath the Martyr” after the slain pilot.

Though some believe that Jordan took their retaliation too far, others have been urging them to up their game. The entire situation has inspired some incredibly stirring one-liners that you’d expect to hear out of Bill Pullman’s mouth at the end of “Independence Day.”

“We are upping the ante. We’re going after them wherever they are, with everything that we have. But it’s not the beginning, and it’s certainly not the end.” – Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh

“This is just the beginning and you shall know who the Jordanians are.” – An official statement from Jordan’s Armed Forces

Is it possible to feel patriotic about a country I’ve never been to?

“The only problem we’re going to have is running out of fuel and bullets.” – Jordan’s King Abdullah II

Side note: According to Marine Corps veteran and Republican representative Duncan Hunter, Jr., King Abdullah literally quoted the movie “Unforgiven” and cited Clint Eastwood when discussing his outrage in a private session with U.S. lawmakers. I really can’t decided which angle of this story is the most compelling.

“We will not let this crime of killing our pilots with the horrific way it was done pass without punishment. These people will be punished.” – Government spokesman Mohammed al-Momani

“ISIS wanted to instill terror and fear in the heart of its enemies. What’s happening is the opposite.” – Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi, Sunni Muslim cleric

Ignoring the shotty translations, some of these quotes are truly terrifying.

“These were criminals and there is no comparison between them and Moath. His blood is more valued than Sajida al-Rishawi and Ziad Karbouli. I demand that revenge should be bigger than executing prisoners… I demand that this criminal organization (ISIS) should be annihilated.” – Safi al-Kasasbeh, the pilot’s father

“They burned our hearts, so let’s burn their dens, and their prisoners in our prisons.” – a Jordan protestor’s sign

These quotes all carry great weight, on their own and especially together. The country of Jordan has rallied behind this horrendous tragedy.

Perhaps the coolest part? Quite literally on the flight back from bombing the fuck out of the ISIS strongholds, all 30 fighter jets flew in formation over the murdered pilot’s village to pay a tribute to the sacrifice Moath made for his country.

Take notes, Barry O.

On a matter that hits a little closer to home, it should be known that an American, who had been held captive for 18 months, was allegedly killed during the airstrikes.

From The New York Times:

An Islamic State message published by the SITE Intelligence Group, which tracks jihadist activity, said the American woman, Kayla Mueller, was killed when the building where she was being held in the Raqqa area collapsed in an airstrike.

Rest easy, Kayla.

[via CNN]

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