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Justin Bieber Visits Texas Basketball Facility, Definitively Proves His Friends Let Him Win At Basketball With Weak Ass Video

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The University of Texas, despite being one of the great historical college sports powers, doesn’t really have what you could consider a hated program. People hate Alabama. People loathe Duke. People generally dislike USC and Ohio State. Sure, rival fans from Oklahoma and Texas A&M hate the Longhorns, but aside from them, the mention of Texas doesn’t usually elicit the hateful speech that one would assume was in reference to some sort of serial child molester or terrorist organization instead of kids playing sports.

Though people may not universally despise the Longhorns like many other prestigious programs, after today’s special visitor to the campus with the school’s basketball coach, Rick Barnes, I suspect everyone is going to like UT a little less. Even Texas fans.

If I was a Texas fan, this picture would enrage me. Justin Bieber throwing up the Hook ‘Em Horns defiles the Longhorn worse than if an OU fan and an A&M fan (Toby Keith and Drake, obviously) got together and DPed Bevo. There are Kansas fans out there right now saying to themselves, “Man, thank God all we have is a picture of Westboro Baptist Church leader Fred Phelps in a Jayhawks jacket.

Some solace Texas fans can find in this photo is that Bieber looks like he is completely unaware of what he’s doing, so it’s doubtful he hopped on the Texas bandwagon. Biebs probably just thinks he’s taking a picture with some random grandpa who likes to rock and roll. This is the same kid who doesn’t understand the difference between the words instrumental and detrimental, after all.

Bieber was actually at the University of Texas to take a break from his SXSW duties and relax by ballin’ with his boys. By “ballin’ with his boys,” I, of course, mean playing against yes men who let the spoiled little fuckstick win, because he’s a sensitive little guy. Check out this video of Bieber “schooling” his buddy Scooter with a sick move. It doesn’t at all look like two 14-year-old white kids trying to make their own shitty AND1 video in a driveway, that’s for sure. Seriously, this might be the saddest attempt at showing off I’ve ever seen.

That was 100 percent fake, and probably at least their third attempt.

God, Justin Bieber sucks ass.

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