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This Kansas Cheerleader Probably Regrets Snapchatting Three Dudes In KU Sweaters Spelling Out KKK

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Today’s edition “Things You Should Never Snapchat” isn’t quite as intense as yesterday’s Texas Rangers masturbatin’ & hazin’ incident (will anything ever be?), but it does still qualify as Things. You. Should. Never. Snapchat.


Upon Snapping this, what did the girl really expect the best possible outcome would be? Dozens of her friends texting and DM’ing her about how HILARIOUS the three dudes in “K” sweaters standing next to each other was?

“CLASSIC snap, girl. You really captured both a rare and hysterical moment in time,” they’d say, in an alternate reality where 99.9% of Snapchats weren’t somehow so disposable that they make most tweets look like indispensable works of literature.

Meanwhile, the worst case scenario is… what’s actually happening in real life right now.

For what it’s worth, the cheerleader does have a terrible excuse for how this happened.


Really? You’re going with the “I was hacked/my phone was stolen” excuse? Nobody believes that when people whose social media accounts are actually worth sabotaging say that’s what happened. We all knew it was Draymond who sent out the dong shot. Clearly her play should have been, “It was a critique of Trump, whom I despise, because he is a Klan Nazi. I was simply highlighting his allegiances to these evil organizations in a satirical manner and I deeply apologize to anyone who may have misinterpreted my post and was hurt by it.” People would buy that. They couldn’t disprove it, anyway.

I should start a social media crisis PR firm for college kids.

Her awful excuse shouldn’t surprise anyone, though. A person who confuses “have” with “of” isn’t going to be savvy enough to talk her way out of something like this. It’s a grammatical mistake infinitely more infuriating than mixing up your and you’re — it’s like saying “The sun is rising” but instead of using the correct version of “sun” you write “hand job.”

Personally I don’t find this snap that bad. It’s clear and obvious why it would make people upset, and I don’t really have a rebuttal for those people, other than I mostly just think it was a dumb, drunk mistake and a bad joke (which is another better excuse than “THERE WAS FOUL PLAY AFOOT!”). Regardless, drunken tactlessness ≠ proof of white supremacist allegiance.

But the girl is a part of a university affiliated group that very publicly represents KU. I can’t blame people upset at this for wanting some kind of school response. I would only caution that whoever rules on this take into account the age of the person, the state of mind she was in when sending it, and her overall character. Again, I doubt she’s goose-stepping her way to The Wheel every weekend.

And, as always, if you’re going to go down for a racist joke, at least make it funny.

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