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Kanye West Doesn’t Want White People Writing About Him

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Kanye West is a confusing man. I am so baffled when he comes out with really great music but then tweets like a 6th-grade girl. He’s moody, a spitfire, and unpredictable. He might’ve had more mood swings than Kim when she was pregnant. He’s good for a laugh, he inspires us to love ourselves the way he does, and, as I mentioned, he can create truly good music.

I’m not sure whether to put his latest tweets into the category of “Kanye being Kanye” or “Kanye being an idiot.” In the wake of his recent album release, several publications put out their reviews of his work.

From the
Huffington Post

West, who at one point claimed this album would be the best of all time, was not happy that these publications did not give him a perfect score. Pitchfork gave him a 9 out of 10 — their best score in nearly half a year — but this wasn’t enough for “TLOP” in West’s mind.

He’s essentially demanding his own “safe space” in the media. I can understand a little disappointment in not getting the score he expected, and that’s fair. But when did this become a race issue? I’m sure Kanye would be proud to say that his work has always reflected who he is and that his race is a defining part of his identity. With such a successful career, it doesn’t seem like race has had a large impact on him professionally.

So I’m back to being confused as ever by Kanye. One point off from a perfect score and he throws a tantrum, telling publications they can’t talk about him unless they are black or they are going to give him the perfect score he thinks he’s entitled to. I knew the pussification of America was running rampant through college campuses, but I had no idea it had spread to celebrities, too. I’m shocked even more that the man who wrote “There’ll always be haters, that’s the way it is” has fallen victim to the notion that he can and should silence people who don’t agree with him.

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