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Kappa Sigma Members At Palo Alto University Help Save Women And Children From Fire

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I don’t know about you all, but when I see something on fire, especially a building, my first instinct is not usually “grab a fire extinguisher and venture into the flames, Superman-style.” For several Palo Alto University Kappa Sigmas, this is apparently their first reaction. So, to those guys, I say congrats for being a very brave and honorable men.

It also seems, from the article, that Zach Toberman is the lead badass in all of this, organizing the group that went into the building and began the evacuation. Apparently, some of the residents didn’t even know the top floor of their building had turned into a scene from The Towering Inferno, so it fell upon the Kappa Sigmas to do something about it. That something, it seems, involved a lot of guts, quick thinking, and a little bit of disregard for their own lives.

“Toberman, rather than being the deer in the headlights, took action right away and was like, ‘Lets go, grab fire extinguishers, lets go next door,’” Cruz said. “I’m standing there (and) I’m just like ‘OK, lets do it.’ I don’t think I would have done it without Zach (Toberman).”

Cruz said they ran over to the shelter where Toberman started banging on the door yelling for someone to let them inside the shelter.

“This lady’s really confused as to what’s going on because she has no clue that the fire’s up top,” Cruz said. “She has no idea, because we were looking at the balcony from across the window at Kappa Sigma and we see a couch on fire … they started pulling people out of the house, just running like crazy … we run all the way upstairs and there it is, this inferno up top on the third floor.”

So, these gentlemen ran up to the floor that was actually on fire to help evacuate people? Give these guys a medal. Seriously.

Rydberg said when he was younger, he always hated the feeling of looking back on a situation and wishing that he had reacted to it, so now he reacts to things more instinctively.

“I go for it,” he said. “Especially when people are in grave danger, it’s all instinct now.”

This guy should be in charge of something important and dangerous, just by default. Palo Alto Kappa Sigma, if he isn’t your Risk Management Chairman, he should be. This guy knows a thing or two about crises. The building in question was mostly destroyed, so it’s probably safe to say these guys saved a few lives. Now I feel the average philanthropy event kind of paled in comparison:

Average chapter:

“We had a fundraiser benefiting the local homeless shelter by hosting a golf tournament.”

Palo Alto Kappa Sigma:

“We ran into a fire, risking our own lives, to get women and children to safety as flames closed in around us.”

Kappa Sigma’s heroics aside, the rest of the community is pulling together as well, helping to provide food for the families and raise funds to assist them while the damage is repaired. Nice work, Palo Alto Greeks. After a few weeks of rough PR around the country, way to bring something good back into the spotlight.

[via Spartan Daily]

Image via Kappa Sigma


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