Kim Readies His Missiles While Trump Grabs The Sticks

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On Tuesday, while on a “work trip” at his golf course in New Jersey, President Trump demanded that North Korea stop threatening (nuclear) war on the US or face the full wrath of the United States military. North Korea responded by making a direct threat at the US territory of Guam.

Now some might think that in the wake of this news, it puts the entire world in a state of emergency akin to that of the Cuban Missile Crisis, and news that could even lead to escalating threats that develop into full blown nuclear war with North Korea. It would be the responsible decision for Trump to return to the White House, go to the situation room, and start making plans on what to do.

President Trump on the other hand, in what I believe is the power move of the week, is photographed playing golf and seemingly chilling the very next day.

Regardless of party ideology, you have to admit that this is a goddamn power move. He ain’t sweating; he’s just playing a round, smiling for photos, and not giving a single fuck. North Korea wants to stir shit. Well, that’s cool. Trump is still going to relax like it’s spring break. That’s how you properly big dick an entire nation. You say some shit, and no matter what someone says back, you do you.

Image via Twitter/ @danmericaCNN

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