Lane Kiffin Just Named A 24-Year-Old His New Offensive Coordinator In His Biggest Troll Yet

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When he’s not speed right-swiping smokes on Tinder or fingerblasting putty on Twitter, FAU Head Coach Lane Kiffin delights in making a name for himself as the biggest troll in college football (you could argue that his entire coaching career is just one massive troll job, but that’s a column for another day).

It appears that Kiffin’s latest masterpiece is naming Charlie Weis Jr., the 24-year-old son of former Notre Dame and Kansas head coach Charlie Weis, his new offensive coordinator. Keep trolling, trolling, trolling…

From CBS Sports:

At 24, Weis is set to be the youngest coordinator at the FBS level. Weis was brought on board in December 2017 as the team’s tight end coach (he already has an official bio on the team site) after serving as an offensive analyst for the Atlanta Falcons during the 2017 season. Prior to that, he worked for two years at Alabama as an offensive analyst reporting to Kiffin, who was then the offensive coordinator.

Much of Weis’ initial experience in coaching followed the career path of his father, former New England Patriots offensive coordinator, Notre Dame coach and Kansas coach Charlie Weis. He was a quality control coach at Florida, focusing his efforts on the wide receivers and a volunteer training camp intern for the Patriots who also spent three years as a team manager at Kansas.

Just look at this kid. He looks barely old enough to have sprouted his first taint hair. You can tell that he’s probably the type of dude to say, “Aw, shucks” and stub his toe a lot and do other corny Barney Fife-type shit like that.

Jokes aside, he does have a pretty decent coaching resume for a 24-year-old, and he’s no doubt got to be thrilled about being presented with such an amazing opportunity. For now, that is.

A few months under Kiffin and he’ll be begging to go back to his analyst job. He ever gets a girlfriend? Lane’s stealing her quicker than you can say, “Cuck says what?” Also, no chance Junior gets a solid night’s sleep in the near future. Lane’s gonna be blowing up this kid’s phone at all hours.

“Check out this hilarious tweet I just sent.”

“Come wingman for me. I look like Brad Pitt next to you.”

“When’s your girlfriend gonna be around?”

Not to mention, you know Lane’s going to be the type to bust his balls 24/7. Ruthless, constant ball busting. FAU puts up solid offensive numbers? Lane takes all the credit. They shit the bed? He blames it all on the kid.

But other than that, it should be a fantastic gig.

[via CBS Sports]

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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