Lawsuit: Purdue Basketball Star Isaac Haas Has A Dirty, Dirty Dick

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Life is tough as a star college basketball player. There are NBA scouts at every game, fresh new shoes from Adidas, the cash payments from the guy who said he’s from Nike and then gave you a *wink* *wink*, and, of course, there’s the women. There’s no hiding from the spotlight, especially when you stand 7’2” tall.

According to a recent lawsuit, Purdue basketball star Isaac Haas is accused of lying and knowingly transmitting one or more STDs to at least one sexual partner.

From Journal & Courier:

Haas told Chambers he’d been treated for chlamydia and was clean by the time he and Chambers hooked up, according to the lawsuit filing.

Haas blamed Purdue University Student Health Services, saying he’d been tested, diagnosed, treated and tested again, when they told him he was “clean,” according to the filing that cited Haas’ text messages with Chambers.

Chambers received a text from another woman, possibly Millsaps, who alleged Haas had infected “a number of other individuals,” according to the exhibits filed with the lawsuit.

Millsaps texted Chambers saying Haas infected her with herpes, and she threatened Haas with a civil suit, according to the filing.

Now, what kind of science experiment is growing in Haas’ pants, you ask? Not sure. But I know one thing: Gator’s bitches better be using jimmies!

It’s a shitty situation for all, especially the women in this case, as herpes is probably the last STD you could possibly want. Not that you really would want any STD, but I’m saying that if you had to have one, the herps is gonna be a late 12th round draft pick with chlamydia coming off the board late first round.

As if the accusations weren’t enough, the plaintiff submitted some text screenshots as evidence as well. In the texts, Haas says he “should’ve worn one,” and, apparently after finding out the potential jail sentence, says “I’m literally freaking out,” and “You know I have to deny everything. Deny knowing.” Another friend of a friend who reached out to the alleged victim also alleges “the list is LONG,” apparently referring to Haas’ sexual history.

And here we thought his fractured elbow was going to be his biggest offseason issue.

[via Journal & Courier]

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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