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Let’s All Laugh At The University Of Oregon Anti-Capitalist Club That Is In Massive Debt

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There is an anti-capitalist club at the University of Oregon called the Campbell Club. Back in 1935, some students, who weren’t well-rounded in how the economy works, joined forces to created the Campbell Club thanks to the inspiration from Wallace J. Campbell’s senior thesis on Depression-era cooperative living.

Well, now it seems that the anti-capitalists are in a bit of a financial bind. They are nearly $17,000 in debt. See, they allow anyone to move into their house, but have gotten some people who are so anti-capitalist that they don’t pay rent and just leave.

From the Daily Emerald:

Over the last few years, the Campbell Club has struggled with a high turnover rate. Though rent is cheap — between $300 and $400 depending on the room — members tend to move in, stay for a few months and move out, often without paying the owed rent, the source of the debt. The co-op’s lack of funds and “anti-capitalist” stance make it reluctant to hire debt collectors.

Well, well, well. It actually takes some capitalist theories to make your organization run. Who would have guessed that? Not me. Surely, living totally capitalism free would win out, right? Everything would be fantastic and Bernie Sanders would be proud of the work you put in. Wrong.

One of the members even said, “Whether we like it or not, [we] live in a capitalist system and we are all affected by it.” In the past, the club has held concerts for fundraisers with a suggested donation of $3 to $5, but now are forcing entrants to “donate” $5 to get in. I like how they try and get around the fact that people are paying to get in by calling it a donation.

Capitalism is like the Jordan-era Bulls or the Yankees between 1949-1953. It’s always going to win, no matter who challenges it.

[via Daily Emerald]

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