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Let’s Break Down ESPN’s Picks For The Best Uniforms In Each Power 5 Conference

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Let's Break Down ESPN's Picks For The Best Uniforms In Each Power 5 Conference

ESPN recently held a roundtable with their writers to talk some college football. Was the topic of choice which team is going to contend for this year’s championship? Nope, that’s too hard hitting. How about which team has the best uniform in each Power Five conference? Yup, that’s more like it. Here is what they came up with.

ACC: Pittsburgh

Pitt is actually coming out with some new ones this year that head back to the classic look, including their script “Pitt” logo. They are pretty clean, but I don’t really put them in my top “classic” look rankings along with some of the other schools. And, if a school’s old school look doesn’t blow you away, then you go with the new look. Give me North Carolina and their black with baby blue uniforms in this conference. Clemson would come in at number two.

Big Ten: Michigan

Ahhh, another classic in the Wolverines — only this time, the pick is warranted. Sure, you could argue that Nebraska, Penn State, or Ohio State deserve to take the top spot here, but is there a helmet that is more iconic than the head gear that the Wolverines rock every Saturday? Somewhere, Maryland is throwing paint at a canvas hoping that their uniform will make America change its mind.

Big 12: Baylor

Here’s where I take issue with ESPN and the so-called traditionalist agenda they tried to push with the first two conferences. You can’t be touting one thing and suddenly flip-flop when a flashy new program like Baylor pops up. I get that maybe Baylor coerced you into putting them here (no, that’s not a consent joke), but that’s no means for putting the integrity of your article at risk. Honestly, in terms of cool factor for unis, nothing will top TCU’s Rose Bowl look they donned a few years ago.

Pac-12: Oregon

This is almost unfair to any of the other schools in the conference. Oregon can throw a different look at you every quarter and you probably wouldn’t see the same uniform for at least another five years. Phil Knight is just trying to break the world record for most uniforms. Heck, Oregon was selling like 43 variations of Mariota’s jersey at one point online. I bet Knight wishes college football played a 17-game schedule.


I’m all for this pick. Going against the grain here by not going Bama, something I’m sure Phyllis from Mulga won’t be too happy about. You know why this pick is so great? Not because of the actual look, while it is good, but because LSU basically strong-armed the NCAA into letting them wear white at home despite the NCAA putting in a rule that says you have to wear color at home. Power move right there.

[via ESPN]

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