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Lil Dicky Roasts Nick Cannon On Wild ‘N Out, Cannon Responds With Cheap Shot Comeback

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TFM’s favorite rapper, Lil Dicky, recently was the special guest on an episode of MTV’s Wild ‘N Out. Yes, your second favorite MTV diss show from 2006 (behind Yo Momma, obviously) is apparently still on the air. And, unlike its host, Nick Cannon, who was tossed to the curb by Mariah Carey early last year, it appears as if the show is still able to attract big names — like L.D. Did you like that diss? Just getting into the spirit over here.

In the final rap battle of the show, it ended up being Dicky vs. Nicky. Lil Dicky came at Nick Cannon hard, calling him a talentless hack and saying him and his crew are him if he was just an all-around worse person. A little more personal than the normal Wild ‘N Out disses, but nothing too crazy. Nick Cannon didn’t take too kindly to this, however, and came back at Davey Wavey with an insult that was completely un-called for.

Lil Dicky, listening to you spit them bars… that was some real torture. I’ma put it out there like this: you gon’ be dead and we gon’ see vultures, ’cause I’m tired of you and Iggy Azalea fucking up our culture.

I have no problem with Nick Cannon believing that white rappers are “fucking up” hip hop culture. It’s his right to hold that opinion, even though, if you listen to Lil Dicky, you know that his raps, unlike Azalea’s, are not only completely different from the hip hop norm, but are also better than any crap that’s ever come out of Nick Cannon’s mouth. But maybe it’s this difference Lil Dicky’s created that Cannon doesn’t like, and, like I said, it’s Nick’s right to hold whatever opinions he pleases.

What I do have a problem with, however, is Nick Cannon inviting Lil Dicky to come on his show SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE HE IS A POPULAR WHITE RAPPER and then telling him, to his face, that his very existence as a white rapper is detrimental to the entire hip hop industry. How hypocritical is that? Why invite Lil Dicky to appear on your show, a medium through which he will reach new hip hop audiences and further establish himself in the industry, if you think he’s ruining hip hop culture? I’ll tell you why: because Cannon’s an unoriginal fuck who couldn’t think of a better comeback. Cannon’s diss is the equivalent of, “Oh yeah? well… Your mom’s dead!” after a kid whose mom is actually dead just ripped your (living) mom to shreds with a killer yo momma joke.

L.D.’s clearly got some thick skin. Good on you, Mr. Leftward Sloping Penis.

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Jared Borislow

Jared Borislow (né The DeVry Guy) is a Senior Writer for Grandex Inc and a 2015 graduate of the University of Wisconsin.

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