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Lil Wayne and Birdman Would Put Huge Money On Madden Games Without Even Touching The Sticks

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The next time you feel like a badass for putting a case on a game of Madden, just know that father-son rap stars Lil’ Wayne and Birdman have you beat by a longshot. According to fellow rapper T-Pain, Weezy and his dad would put ten grand on a game of Madden. The catch? They didn’t even pick up the sticks.

From Uproxx:

During a recent livestream gaming session hosted by T-Pain, it was revealed that Weezy and Birdman used to place wagers of up to $10,000 on virtual football games, then would simulate the games with CPU-controlled teams. Yup, they would just pick teams and then just leave it up to the computer to decide who would take home the $10k.

Considering there’s a certain amount of unpredictability in all sports betting, I guess betting on sports video game simulations isn’t really all that different from actual sports. If there are no real sports on TV and you just need to feed your gambling addiction, it may be a suitable alternative. Who knows, it might actually be fun to watch the games play out with so much on the line.

That being said, T-Pain wanted no part of it.

“I never got in on the bets because, you know, I’m not an idiot,” T-Pain said.

Go figure, the only one of the three who knew he could get famous by saying “Shaw-tay” with autotune is smart enough to avoid putting money on a computer.

I love gambling just as much as the next guy, and I’ve had to tear myself away from a few nickel slots when I’m eight bucks in the hole and falling fast, but what’s the point of putting 10 Gs on a game you’re not even playing? Madden bets are about 80 percent bragging rights. If you want to bet that kind of cash on a game you’re not playing, you might as well just drop a bill on live sports.

Of course, you can’t deny that it’s kind of a power move. The two guys have plenty of disposable income and just wanted to have some father-son bonding time. Most people would go have a catch or see a Pelicans game, but look at these two building their relationship on a foundation of money and making artificial intelligence battle to the finish. It also might explain Wayne’s habit of being kind of fair-weather. Chances are he fleeced his old man for a cool 5k right before he dropped “Green and Yellow” for the masses.

Currently, the two are focusing in on some higher stakes in the form of a $51 million lawsuit stemming from Wayne’s belief that Birdman withheld some of his money from Tha Carter V. If anyone’s willing to take some action on that, I’ve got fifty that says the two settle out of court and Wayne takes home a cool milly.

[via Uproxx]

Image via YouTube

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