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Lil’ Wayne Treads On The American Flag, Probably Too High To Realize His Mistake

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God dammit Weezy, what were you thinking man? While on the set of his latest music video “God Bless Amerika,” Wayne found himself committing a dastardly act that surely would’ve been chalked up as treason and commanded some tar and feathering had it happened at an earlier point in AmeriCan history.

Look at this fool.

I get the fact that this likely happened mistakenly, and I could accept if he only did it once and then came to his senses and thought, “Wow, I probably shouldn’t be jumping on the American flag, it’s like the paramount insult to the country I live in,” but no, Weezy F. Baby didn’t go that route at all. If I had to guess, he was probably too high on purple drank and weed so strong that it would knock even a seasoned hippie on his ass to even feel his feet on the ground, let alone realize he was repeatedly stomping out Old Glory. Basically Lil Wayne has no idea where he is anymore. My guess is he has early onset and extreme demential brought on by his aforementioned vices.

My question though, is why not one person on the set had something to say about this while they witnessed it happen for a good :50 seconds? I mean, if you’re a producer, director, or even a publicist or agent standing on this set in New Orleans watching this unfold, I hope you fully comprehend the day and age we live in and realize that A LOT of people will eventually see your artist embarrassing himself with every second the shot is rolling – it’s your God given duty to your country to be screaming for the take to be cut instantaneously. That shit doesn’t just hit the cutting room floor if you eventually realize it’s a bad idea, it hits Twitter.

It’s ridiculous that no one had balls big enough to stand up to Tha Carter here, especially in the name of patriotism. We’ve got to draw the line somewhere with these bigger than life celebrities getting away with anything they damn well please; I’m not sure there’s been a more justifiable example recently.

[via The Kansas City Star]


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Ashley Schaeffer was a senior contributing writer for Total Frat Move. If you thought he was a woman, he'll take that as a compliment, because he loves women. Wooh.

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