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Looks Like Wesleyan Fraternities Won’t Be Going Co-Ed This Fall, University Suspends Last Remaining House On Campus

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Wesleyan University’s plan to force fraternities to become coeducation organizations is a raging tire fire. Monday, the university announced in an email to students and faculty that it is suspending its only remaining active social fraternity on campus, Psi Upsilon. The email stated that the chapter was under investigation by both state and federal prosecutors for “illegal drug activity.” Psi Upsilon, which was set to house female members in the fall, will be closed for the 2015-2016 school year. Anyone planning to live there this upcoming school year, women included, will need to find alternative accommodations.

From Hartford Courant:

“Wesleyan students will not be able to live in the house, and the property will be off limits to Wesleyan students. Any student found at the property will be subject to judicial action by the university,” Wesleyan said.

“This turn of events is deeply disappointing for so many of us,” the Wesleyan statement said. “It is certainly a blow to alumni and students who care for Psi U, and that includes the new women members who had planned to live there this fall. We will reconsider Psi U’s status after the relevant investigations conclude. The investigations may also result in other disciplinary consequences for those involved.

After a string of incidents back in February — most notably, a party at the Eclectic Society involving a “bad batch” of molly that led to the hospitalization of more than a dozen students — police have been cracking down hard and an attempt to get the campus drug problem under control. The Eclectic Society, a coeducational student organization, still remains active on campus despite four of its members being responsible for said “bad batch.”

Psi Upsilon was already on probation due to sexual assault allegations from last year, but they were also the only fraternity to agree to the university’s new coed policies. Delta Kappa Epsilon was suspended by the school earlier in the year after failing to take any “meaningful steps or make any reasonable commitments toward residential coeducation.” They have since filed a lawsuit against Wesleyan for discrimination, which is still pending.

This is actually a blessing in disguise for those girls. I don’t care how much they claim to be “one of the guys.” Two days in, and they’d be looking to break their leases faster than Ronda Rousey knocks a horse-faced Brazilian the fuck out. With the overwhelming, lingering smell of stale beer, piss, vomit, and B.O. combined with the sleeplessness caused by brothers’ loud, cheeky, and often-times destructive late night stunts, even the strongest of women would eventually break.

Overall, it’s sadly looking like the days of fraternity life at Wesleyan are dwindling .

[via Hartford Courant]

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