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Louisiana Congressman Says No Fat Chicks Allowed When It Comes To Strippers

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99 percent of politics in this country is just a big circle jerk, with a bunch of former Poli Sci majors sucking each other’s dicks around a bonfire built on tax dollars. But every so often, a true patriot comes along and stands up for the issues that really matter. Kenny Havard is that red-blooded American hero.

During a debate in the Louisiana House of Representatives about a bill that would ban strip clubs from hiring dancers younger than 21, Havard submitted an amendment that would also require strippers in the Pelican State to be no older than 28, and no heavier than 160 pounds.

Unfortunately, the amendment was struck down after several of the female representatives were offended by it.

From The Advocate:

As the bill was being presented, Havard—saying he wanted to “trim the fat”—offered his amendment. He withdrew the amendment after another lawmaker called it offensive.

But Havard didn’t apologize and said he doesn’t regret his joke.
“No, it was meant as a poke that we’re over-regulating everything around here,” he said in an interview. “It was aimed at both men and women. I can’t strip either. I’m a little overweight.”

During debate on SB468, other legislators made light of the situation by throwing single dollar bills on a table next to the podium.

Joke or not, I stand with Havard. This is a man who knows how disappointing it is to watch a stripper that looks like a sad, droopy weather balloon try to gyrate up a pole. He’s felt the soul-crushing shame of sticking a couple dollars in there anyway, because you’ve already been to the ATM, and what else are you going to do with forty singles? Rep. Havard is exactly what the founding fathers dreamed of when they invented Democracy: he’s truly a man of the people.

Thank you for trying to protect a little common decency in our gentleman’s clubs, Kenny. First dance is on me.

[via The Advocate]

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5 years in College. 2 in Europe. He may have limited employable skills, but he can claim a long, illustrious career of avoiding arrest, drunk golf carting, limo ownership, and drinking wine from a bag.

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