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Loyola Maryland Officials: America-Themed Parties Are Offensive

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When it comes to party themes, there are quite a few dos and don’ts. Neon 90s? Hell yeah. Pilgrim bros and Nava-hoes? Let’s maybe hold off on that one, even though its message is really about sharing, which is noble. And America themed parties? TRIGGERED!

That’s exactly what happened at a university-sponsored party for graduating seniors at Loyola Maryland.


“The theme of the event, “Party in the U.S.A,” was chosen months ago for an annual costume party for seniors that happened on Friday.

After the election, some Loyola administrators thought the party could end up dividing students and urged the student government to change the theme.

“Prior to the event, Loyola leadership contacted the Loyola Student Government Association (SGA) after learning some students and faculty expressed concern that there would be costumes that would be offensive–especially troubling at a time when so many are feeling anxious and uncertain,” said Loyola University Maryland Nick Alexopulos in a statement.

He also said administrators contacted SGA to recommend reconsidering the timing of the theme “and if they chose to keep the theme, consider a plan to ensure it would be welcoming to all in attendance.”

Apparently administrators were worried students would start chanting “Build that unbreakable bond with your fellow classmates! Build that unbreakable bond with your fellow classmates!” or something.

The good people at The Daily Caller even obtained some emails from administrators trying to get the student government to cancel the party theme.

The Daily Caller:

“The university’s executive vice president, Susan Donovan sent an email to two SGA members claiming she “talked with a number of students and heard from faculty members” about the party. “None of it is positive and it sounds very alienating, divisive and harmful.”

“I encourage you to reconsider this plan in light of the legitimate concerns raised by so many,” Donovan went on to say. “We have made progress in providing a welcoming climate on campus and do we want to reverse that progress with a theme that divides us?” Donovan did not return TheDC’s request for comment by press time.”

*Walks into America-themed party*


That was my impression of a snowflake student at the Loyola University Maryland. For my next trick, I’ll pretend to be a witty writer for a college-themed blog.

But really, do these people not realize that they live in America? Is every day a nightmare for them? (If it is, lol you are the one percent of the world, you whiny turds.)

I’m sorry, but if your top priority of the day is complaining about an America-themed party then you’re going to be in for a rough ride in life. Yes, Donald Trump won. No, it’s not the end of the world (maybe). If you find this party offensive, then I can’t imagine how much fun you are on the 4th of July.

“Let’s shoot off fireworks.”

“No, that’s cultural appropriation.”

“Let’s put an American flag out.”

“No, that’s offensive.”

“Let’s listen to music.”

“No, I’m vegan.”

I’m chock full of impressions and bad decisions today, fam.

I would like to commend the student government with sticking with the theme, though. You don’t see that too often these days, especially in a blue state. I’d salute you for it, but I might offend someone.

[via Fox 5, Daily Caller]

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