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Let’s Laugh At The Liberal LSU Students Who Got Duped Big Time Ahead Of LSU’s Upcoming Milo Yiannopoulos Event

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Milo Yiannopoulos is coming to LSU, and there are some liberals who aren’t too happy that the polarizing figure is going to step foot on their campus (yet they still let Les Miles roam the sidelines… hmph). So, of course, they plan on protesting the event, because when someone’s beliefs oppose yours, that person is automatically wrong. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

Some LSU students even thought they were being clever when they found an Eventbrite page on which to reserve tickets. These students saw you could only get four tickets per email, so they started racking up the tickets with the intention of letting them go unused so no one would be at the event. Then they bragged about it on Facebook.




Oh damn, you really got Milo. He’s going to walk into that room thinking there’s a full house and no one is home! Or, actually, he will walk into a full house because you idiots were getting tickets from a dummy registration page specifically made so you guys look like clowns.

In fact, the organization holding the group, LSU Students for Trump, informed Campus Reform that the school is handling tickets for the event.

“We have people coming from across the state for this event,” said Students for Trump campus ambassador David Walters. “These protestors are not going to affect the event at all.”

So despite the protesters’ efforts, the show must go on. Weirdest part about the group’s protest page on Facebook? This description:

“Yiannopoulos envisions a society which oppresses anyone who isn’t a straight, white man,” the description contends.

Milo’s a homosexual. You think he wants a society that would oppress him? Logic goes out the window with these loonies.

[via Campus Reform]

Image via YouTube

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