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The Lucky Whitehead Fiasco, Explained

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lucky whitehead dallas cowboys termination

Cringe, cringe, and cringe again. The one time an NFL player gets accused of something and is actually held accountable, it turns out it wasn’t him.

From ESPN:

The Prince William County (Virginia) Police Department said in a statement Tuesday that the man charged with shoplifting on June 22 was not former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead, as they had originally indicated.

Whitehead and his agent, David Rich, said Monday that this was a case of mistaken identity. Rich cited flight records to prove that Whitehead wasn’t in Virginia at the time of the incident.

The Cowboys, however, released Whitehead and cited a pattern of behavior in justifying the move.

Clearly Jerry Jones and crew are not big fans of Lucky Whitehead. You’ve got a guy saying he didn’t do anything — even providing evidence that he wasn’t there — and you still shitcan his ass faster than you can say “not guilty.” Sounds like they did just as much research as the fine police department of Prince William County, who also did not believe Lucky’s claims of innocence.

A tad odd that petty shoplifting is where the Cowboys draw the line. You know, after that whole thing where Jerry was a bit lenient with a certain player using women as his own personal punching bags. He is a billionaire, however, and there is definitely no way he got where he is today by making unethical decisions. We oughta just blindly trust his judgement.

The Prince William County Police Department said the man who was arrested didn’t have identification with him. He verbally provided the name, date of birth and social security number of Rodney Darnell Whitehead Jr. to police officers, who checked the information through the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles database.

So did this guy have Lucky’s actual soc. number? Did the police even check it? Do they know each other, or is this just a mastermind petty thief who learns celebrities’ information in case of arrest? Kind of a brilliant plan if that’s the case.

I don’t want to call the fine officers of Prince William County negligent, but let’s break this down. You arrest a guy for stealing a few things from a convenience store. He gives you his information, and you proceed to bring him in. All standard stuff until it comes out that this guy is a millionaire NFL player. At this point, was there no one who raised the question, “Why would a guy who has a ton of money go down for stealing a few dollars worth of discount Wawa products?”

The Prince William County Police Department also said it “regrets the impact these events had on Mr. Whitehead and his family.

Sorry you lost your job because we’re negligent dickheads, Lucky. Better luck next time. 

Whitehead has a case against the Cowboys for wrongful termination and the police department for not properly doing their job. He’ll probably get picked up by another team, so it’s not the end of the world, but what an offseason for Whitehead. First his dog was allegedly kidnapped (wild story in its own right), and now this.

Can’t wait to hear how ol’ boy Jerry spins this one. Cowboys officials have already started to switch to a narrative that the termination was based on “ability” and nothing else. Right, and I broke up with my girlfriend because I’m “figuring myself out.” Let the spin begin.

[via ESPN]

Image via YouTube

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