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Madison, WI Mayor Is Major Buzzkill, Vetoes Liquor License For The University Of Wisconsin’s Taco Bell Cantina

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Taco Bell just got done dirty, as did the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s students.

From The Daily Cardinal:

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin vetoed an alcohol license for the new Taco Bell Cantina on Monday, citing safety concerns and unnecessary costs.
“We have enough alcohol outlets in the city of Madison,” Soglin said. “The cost to the city is too great.”

Way to be a buzzkill, Soglin. The Taco Bell Cantina in question is soon to be located next to the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus on State Street, right by all the bars (and actually in the same location that once held a Taco Bell until around 5 years ago). Soglin is merely attempting to prevent the inevitable here, as nobody goes to Taco Bell sober anyways — not even the people who work there. Here’s Soglin trying to explain his (terrible) decision.

From The Daily Cardinal:

Soglin said that although the Madison Police Department has seen a reduction in homicide over the last four months, there were instances where “officers could not apprehend dangerous individuals because of the alcohol-fueled crowds.”

In order to assist local law enforcement, Soglin said that among other plans, he intends to control the amount of liquor in the area. He said adding a liquor license would “make no sense.”

If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of my “bullshit-o-meter” going through the roof right now. Soglin tried to make it seem like if one Taco Bell served a few Coronas, the entire city would go from a straight-out-of-a-sitcom peaceful utopia to a war zone right out of Call of Duty. He might as well have gone the Mean Girls gym teacher route and told people that if they drink alcohol, they will get pregnant and die.

He confirmed he “would be inclined to veto any kind of license for this kind of operation anywhere in the city” and said he’d only qualify full-scale restaurants or restaurants in hotels.

“We have enough outlets in the city of Madison, there’s no question about that,” he said. “It’s about time we recognize the issuance of a liquor license is not a right — it’s a privilege.”

Translation: If college students can afford to drink there, I don’t want it. Pretty upsetting, because I’m sure the residents of Madison, Wisconsin deserve this. Living in Wisconsin sounds almost as miserable as living in Alabama, except you replace the incest with snow and root for the Green Bay Packers.

Soglin, you took something great and singlehandedly ruined it. Way not to live más, Mayor.

[via The Daily Cardinal]

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