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Man Arrested For Posting Picture Of Dog Doing A Keg Stand

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Are people ever going to learn to STOP posting stupid shit on social media? It’s really not that difficult.

Step 1: Don’t put stupid photos on the Internet.
Step 2: ????
Step 3: Profit.

Some guy partying at SUNY Brockport decided to pick a dog up by its hind legs to make it seem like the dog was doing a keg stand. Whether the guy actually made the dog drink from the keg is unclear so far, but the picture looked real enough to get him arrested.

You can find plenty of pictures with dogs around bottles of alcohol on the Internet, but if you have a picture of a dog with its mouth on a keg, you can be pretty sure somebody is going to get pissed about it. If idiots like this guy weren’t around, we wouldn’t have to see so many damn Sarah McLachlan commercials and PETA would have one less thing to complain about. Did this guy not learn anything from Michael Vick? Sure, he wasn’t fighting dogs, but Vick taught us that if you mess with dogs, you’re probably going to get in trouble.

The SUNY Party Stories Twitter account tweeted out the original picture, which made me wonder if there is enough crazy stuff that happens in Bumfuck, N.Y., to actually have a Twitter account. I guess the dog doing a keg stand was the best they could do. Bunch of nerds.


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