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Man Pulls Up To DUI Checkpoint With An Open Beer

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Drunk driving is no laughing matter. It is easily one of the most irresponsible things a person could ever do. It’s also for losers. Some of us get to enjoy the perk of having pledges drive us, or when absolutely necessary, make them pay for a cab. Despite the grave nature of drunk driving, sometimes it is kind of fun to marvel at how stupid some people are when they decide to get behind the wheel after having one (or many) too many.

One man from Buffalo, New York is a great example of how stupid people can be. 56-year-old Lester L. McDue (great name, by the way) had been drinking. Where? I don’t know. Probably wherever people named Lester go to toss back a few bronsons after a hard day of doing whatever it is people named Lester do. After a couple of drinks, ol’ Lester decided to pack it on up and head home for the evening. He took one last beer for the road with him, though.

Unfortunately for him, he encountered a police checkpoint along the way. Seeing this, McDue made no attempt to hide the beer. He just kept on drinking it. I guess he wanted to just have a few more sips before being carted off to the drunk tank. Maybe it was just a case of not being able to stop because “once it hits the lips, it’s so good.”

Of course, immediately after seeing this dumbass, the cops arrested him. They gave him some field sobriety tests, which he failed. When given a breathalyzer test, McDue blew a .09, sligthly above the legal limit, but still drunk.

If they gave awards out for dumbest drunk moves, Lester L. McDue would definitely be in the running for first place.

Remember, don’t drink and drive. Drink and make a pledge drive.

[via Complex Rides]


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