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Maryland Win Over #2 Duke Prompts Riot, Harlem Shake

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Saturday’s game was fucking nuts. From the Harlem Shake to storming the court after the game, the much-touted final Maryland-Duke home game for the foreseeable future was a ridiculous spectacle. Even with over 25 turnovers, Maryland pulled it off to record a much-needed win to keep them in contention for the NCAA tournament.

This was a huge win for Maryland, and a big symbolic loss for Duke. Duke was, to be fair, missing two of their star players. One, physically, the other, because he apparently neglected to show up to the game mentally. Mason Plumlee was held to a pathetic four total points for the game, and fouled out. For a good pro prospect, those are terrible numbers.

Even still, the game was a nail-biter, coming down to a last second set of shots from the line after a major foul on Duke’s part. Duke attempted to salvage the game with a long three just before time expired, which bounced harmlessly off the rim after time was up. Buzzer. Game. Maryland storms the court.

Right, so on to the riot. The second the game ended, people were out on the main intersection on Route 1. The bars opened the flood gates and let a sizable group of Maryland’s biggest and drunkest fans onto the street. Cops, this time, opted to keep the horses in the trailers and manage things on foot.

In terms of damage, people managed to destroy a street lamp and set off enough fireworks in the streets to confuse the locals into thinking July 4th came early. Mostly, toilet paper was set on fire and thrown around, people climbed pretty much everything in sight and there were almost as many USA chants as the night Bin Laden died. Police ran around with fire extinguishers, chasing students that had fireworks for the better part of two hours.

I’ll be the first to admit we’re a fan base that riots over small things. We rioted over a regular season game against an in-conference rival that doesn’t see us on the same level as them. We bandwagon so hard that fan attendance can spike a few hundred percent from game to game, and the school practically throws the tickets at us. We’ve been called the most annoying fans in college sports. Last night’s game was the end of an era, though. Very soon, we move to the Big 10. We’ll have new rivals. And having met some of the Big 10 fans, I think we’ll fit right in. We’re going to need some new chants, though, because “Fuck IU” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.


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