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Miami Of Ohio IFC Passes Out Brochures Chronicling A Fraternity’s Fall From “Men Of Principle” To “Jordan Belforts”

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It’s been over two years since Beta Theta Pi at Miami University was shut down. The notoriously rowdy chapter got the axe due to an unproven rumor that the active members locked the pledges in a basement with an alligator.

They also had annex houses with names like Study A Broad and The Fratican (which elected a new pope every year). Each house had a Twitter account and engaged the others in highly inappropriate, hilarious and public banter (which you can check out in the link above). Still, it doesn’t seem like there was any solid proof to boot the chapter from campus.

Years later, the Interfraternity Council is still making an example of the debauched Betas. In wake of the recent shit show that forced every fraternity on campus to cease pledging immediately, IFC handed out a nifty little booklet titled “The Story of Alpha — 1999-2014.” The chart shows the chapter’s fall from “Men of Principle” to “Jordan Belforts” over the years.

While the chart is intended to encourage upstanding behavior amongst Greeks, I think it has the exact opposite effect.

From an anonymous former Beta:

Dear TFM,

Despite kicking us off two years ago, IFC and the University still dearly misses us (Beta Theta Pi). IFC recently made us the subject of a presentation of what not to do as a fraternity at Miami University. The handout is as humorous as it is true. In IFC’s brilliance of explaining what not to be as a Greek organization, they make the chapter seem like things were getting better and better as time went on (they were). By the last column, the chapter’s mindset was that of the Wolf of Wall Street, with 25% of the chapter being classified as “Belforts,” and a confidence level being arrogant and untouchable. The chart speaks for itself, and I hope down at TFM you guys can see the humor.

FullSizeRender (1)

I’d rush the fraternity on the far right over the one on the far left 10/10 times. Who the hell wants to be a “Man of Principle” when you could be a “Jordan Belfort”? And how lame and socially retarded are the goobs on IFC to think even for a second that a fraternity guy would read this and go, “You know what? We better change our ways. The last thing we want to do is end up with a bunch of ‘Belforts’ who only value partying and women. Thanks, IFC!”

While the council may not succeed in fixing Miami of Ohio’s partying ways with this pamphlet, they did solidify the Alpha chapter of Beta Theta Pi as campus legends. If I was a former member, I’d frame that shit.

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Alex Buscemi

AKA Boosh. Former high school back-up wide receiver. Author of two pretty successful Reddit comments. Recent grad from the University of South Carolina.

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