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Miami University Beta Throws “Beta Theta Bye” Party After Getting Kicked Off, Gives Nationals A Big F-U On Twitter

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Beta Theta Pi was founded in 1839 at Miami University in Ohio. Sadly, according to a helpful tipster, Beta’s Alpha chapter just lost its charter. Here’s the story below, from said tipster:

Beta Theta Pi’s Alpha Chapter, which has a beautiful house just off campus at Miami University, just got their charter revoked (by their nationals, who by the way have been up Beta’s asses all year). The university had been investigating hazing allegations and unsubstantiated allegations that Beta used illegal substances before their AO pulled the plug. The funny part: Miami Greeks are all about GreekRank. Someone started a rumor and it got on to GreekRank that Beta was in trouble because they locked their pledges in the basement with an alligator. Please remember this is Miami University not the U of Miami in Florida. We’re in the middle of a cornfield in landlocked southwestern Ohio . No fuckin’ idea where anyone would get an alligator. Gonna say that’s probably false.

The other hilarious thing is that Beta has begun the first of many ragers fueled by their massive slush fund, which is now in the hands of its 115+ brothers. People affectionately referred to this Saturday’s daydrink as Beta Theta Bye.

The chapter also has a couple of annex houses with clutch names (we name our houses here) such as Study A Broad and Fratican (which hosts a “conclave” party and elects a pope every year).

Both have twitter accounts and have gotten into public fisticuffs with their national office’s public account. Screenshots are provided on the accounts. The twitters are epic.

I’d write about this myself but I can’t associate myself with it cause I’m Greek as well and would get booted from my chapter if I supported these guys – but they’re all chill as fuck and I’m sad to see this happen. Beta had some great student leaders, good pledges, great parties and lots of school spirit. Miami and Beta nationals fucked up.

It would appear Beta got kicked off for no specific (known) reason, but rather because their nationals had simply had enough with the RUFFIANS currently occupying the brotherhood. Perhaps their nationals felt it was smarter to start over than get in bad (or worse) standing with the university.

And whoever made up the alligator story is a dick. A hilarious, sarcastic dick. I assume this was the conversation that took place at Beta’s national office after reading that:

“There are rumors about the Miami pledges being locked in a room with a dangerous animal.”

“Are they true?!”

“We don’t know, but the Alpha chapter is as well-funded as it is demented and morally devoid. The possibility of pledges being locked inside a room with an alligator, bobcat, or some other large predator, or perhaps dozens of small, aggressive predators, such as malnourished owls or snakes aggravated by a strobe light, is one that we have treat as real.”

“Pull the plug. PULL THE FUCKING PLUG.”

Of course, maybe the fact that Beta’s sub-fraternities have public Twitter accounts that appear to document their debauchery fun times is what helped tip the scales against these kids. Regardless, after Miami Beta officially lost their charter, the Twitter accounts for Study A Broad and The Fratican ceased giving what few fucks they previously possessed. They then began to troll the ever loving shit out of Beta’s national account.

After the accounts were done trolling they started posting pictures of the Beta Theta Bye party and making fun of the “Alligator Allegations.”

Hey, if you’re going to get kicked off for supposedly acting like assholes, you might as well actually act like assholes.

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