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Michael Moore Posts Insanely Messed Up Tweet About Veteran’s Day

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a serious issue that deserves our attention. You would be hard pressed to find anyone who denies this. It’s not even just a military issue. Rape victims, kidnap victims, basically any victim of a physical or psychological trauma, can experience PTSD. Not to cheapen the disorder, but even pledges can get it. There was a guy in my house who could not listen to the song that was played during initiation. He had to leave the room every time it came on. We played it a lot. We weren’t good people. PTSD is a pretty bad psychological disorder that is as varied and complex as it is difficult to cope with. Like I said, it deserves our attention.

I guess “bringing attention to PTSD” is what Michael Moore could claim he was trying to do when he tweeted the following this morning:

However, let’s be real here, Michael Moore wasn’t doing anyone but himself a service with this hilariously attention seeking tweet. “Talk about me,” he shouted with jiggling glee, mouth half full of a French dip, because he would eat a French sandwich today. So disrespectful.

22 U.S. veterans kill themselves every day? Okay, great. What are we supposed to do with that information? Do you have any solutions? Any message? Nope, just something “controversial” to say. He’s GETTING REAL. Of course, he’s not being helpful. Not at all. There’s no link to anything helping PTSD victims or donating to PTSD research. Nothing. That’s because Michael Moore doesn’t give a fuck about veterans. Michael Moore only gives a fuck about people who agree with him. That might include some veterans, but for the most part, Moore just wants people to look at him, and agree with him. Not all validation issues can be solved by a stuffed crust pizza, apparently. I’m sorry, that fat joke was lazy, but then again, I don’t feel compelled to elevate myself beyond the effort Moore put into that tweet.

I’m not sure we should expect any more than that from the man who made his career by taking advantage of the massive public interest in a national tragedy, that of course being the Columbine shootings. I’m not even outraged; I’m just annoyed. God, Michael Moore sucks. If you invited Michael Moore to your Veteran’s Day BBQ, be prepared for two things: 1) The worst conversations imaginable, and 2) No seconds.

I’ll end this post with the most accurate representations of Michael Moore ever put on film.


Moore did eventually tweet a link to help Vets with PTSD…five hours after the original tweet. Something tells me that wasn’t originally planned.


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