Michigan Delta Sigs Forced To Cancel Egypt-Themed Party Due To Cultural Appropriation

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university of michigan delta sigma phi appropriation

Guys, I’m starting to believe that the greatest holiday of all, Halloween, will soon cease to exist. We’ve already deemed that Mexican sombreros are too triggery. Next, it appears we’re banning mummies ‘n such, too.

The University of Michigan’s Delta Sigma Phi chapter cancelled a Egypt and Nile River-themed party over the weekend due to outcry of “cultural insensitivity and appropriation.” For context, Delta Sig has long-held ties to symbols of Egyptian culture; some of the highest honors you can earn at the national level are the Pyramid of Excellence Award and Order of the Sphinx. Yet still, somehow, asking people to dress up like Cleopatra or King Tut is too much.

“These whites” have to cancel all that doesn’t include staring at one another aimlessly while drinking Capri Suns. Damn those white privileged frat bros thinking they can throw a history-centric party based on the core values upon which their fraternity was founded. DAMN THEM!

Question: Can we all STFU about race and just, like, love each other and shit and stop being SJWs on social media just for retweets? It’s really putting a damper on my days.

College campuses are turning into no fun zones because you literally can’t do anything without someone going, “Owie, my feelings!” Will we soon be banning cowboy attire at UT games so those of Wild West descent won’t be triggered?

I’m part Mexican and find Cinco de Mayo or any Mexican-themed parties the tits. If I went to Egypt and they were throwing a USA-themed party, I’d be all up on that shit. I’ve got as much USA and Mexican pride as the next guy, but you don’t hear me complaining every single themed party. I’ve got other shit to worry about, and an theme party is pretty low on my priority list. It ranks somewhere below “nuclear war” and right above “bees dying off at an alarming rate.” Kick back. Relax. Laugh at yourself once in awhile. Have a drink at a party that isn’t canceled. You might enjoy it.

So the fraternity loses the themed-party battle here. Fine. But so help me GOD if this spills over to Halloween and you lay a big stink in my pumpkin beer.

h/t Free Beacon

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