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Mischievous Kid Shot By Mysterious Arrow On UC Berkeley Campus

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This 8-year-old was apparently acting up while visiting the Cal campus when an unforgettable life lesson lodged in her leg.

Per The Daily Californian:

An 8-year-old girl was shot with an arrow around 10 a.m. Tuesday morning near the campus’s Lawrence Hall of Science.
The child was climbing up a whale sculpture outside of the museum when she was struck on the left leg by an arrow, said UCPD Supervising Lt. Marc DeCoulode. The child was visiting the museum on a field trip with a school from the San Rafael area and was getting ready to board the bus when the shooting occurred, according to UCPD Capt. Stephen Roderick.

The child is fine after being treated at Oakland Children’s Hospital and Research Center, but it’s not likely she’s never going to want to field trip again.

UCPD has located a few witnesses but is currently checking the surrounding area of the Lawrence Hall of Science for witnesses with further information, DeCoulode said. UCPD does not know where the arrow was shot from or whether the shooting was deliberate at this time.

Witnesses but no shooter, a detective’s nightmare. I’m still trying to put this together, too.

It’s pretty hard to walk around with a bow and arrow in broad daylight, you know? Much less, shoot it off unseen in surroundings as open as where the statue sits outside Lawrence Hall.


So, there are only two logical solutions here, right? Either a Niedemeyer-type crazy is running around Berkeley honing his hunting skills on the disdained and out-of-line in society, or the Golden Bear executive administration has ponied up a nice chunk of change for a commendable defense system that keeps campus monuments clear of bird shit and unwanted children.

If the latter is the case, it’s totally understandable. No one wants to go to a filthy university.

Either way, should this kid choose to attend Cal some years from now, she’ll easily have one of the coolest ice breakers of all time — not that it takes much to convince us to give girls beer, anyway.

[via The Daily Californian]


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