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Mitt Romney Enters The “Twilight Zone”

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Mitt Romney Enters The %22Twilight Zone%22

The Bachelor lasting 20 seasons. People finding Lady Gaga attractive. This year’s cover of the SI Swimsuit Edition. The fact that Jim Harbaugh has never won a conference championship in college. Fat fetishes. Some things I can just never hope to understand; like Mitt Romney’s speech Thursday morning. Romney, doing his best Kanye West impersonation (generating an incredible amount of buzz for a puzzling and wildly disappointing result) apparently does not approve of the current GOP frontrunner. Now, while I respect Governor Romney immensely, this is an unprecedented move that I cannot support or comprehend.

Sure, on its surface, this could be perceived as a calculated move towards the center for the GOP, a trusted and supported figurehead pleading for rationality and reformation. While Romney undoubtedly raises several legitimate concerns with the candidacy and electability of “The Donald,” highlighting the sexual indiscretions, bankruptcies, out of context racial, misogynist, and profane “quotes,” and apparent limitations of seemingly the only real threat to a second Clinton Presidency seems peculiar at best. Romney, reminding the nation the state of Utah exists for the first time since Jimmer Fredette graduated BYU, did not actually offer any sort of practical alternative to Trump. In fact, the former Governor of Massachusetts essentially admitted a road to the nomination couldn’t reasonably be forged by any of the remaining candidates without convention hijinks extinct since the 1960s. Romney, perhaps taking a page out of the John Kerry “how to flip flop” handbook, suggested votes for Rubio in Florida, Kasich in Ohio, all while claiming his “support” of Senator Cruz.

I had hoped this would be the beginning of Romney 3.0, though I knew the Mark Richt of politics entering the race was a long shot, he would sincerely have my vote. Having said that, what I do not appreciate is his kamikaze attack of the Republican Party, having been chosen not once but twice as its de facto leader. Mr. Romney, having literally lived what being a GOP nominee for President is like, should know better than anyone that though this primary has shown splinters amongst the GOP electorate, one thing they have almost unanimously in common is their disdain for Hilary Clinton, and a second Clinton Presidency.

Mitt Romney gave Hilary Clinton a 17 minute commercial against her most likely opponent, free of charge, that has now been replayed and discussed across every major media outlet. Mitt Romney, one of the most trusted conservatives in this nation, basically told Republicans to vote for Hilary if Trump wins the nomination, asserting Trump’s “domestic policies would lead to recession. His foreign policies would make America and the world less safe. He has neither the temperament nor the judgment to be president. And his personal qualities would mean that America would cease to be a shining city on a hill.” Though Romney said a “Clinton Presidency would be damaging,” Romney then proceeded to eviscerate Trump in an uncomfortably personal rant baring more resemblance to a “People’s Court” episode than an informed political debate.

Romney is not the “ex-girlfriend” of the Republican party, mocking the new slam’s Instagram pics until drunkenly liking and unliking every profile pic she’s ever had, he is a revered and respected individual that many still wish was an option for the world’s highest office. Romney pursued Trump’s endorsement in both 2008 and 2012, accepted Trump’s donations, broke bread with him, publicly thanked him, and now this? Donald Trump is not for everyone, he quite frankly is not someone I would vote for and I agree with much of what Romney said. But this is about loyalty, loyalty to a man you once ate dinner with and thanked for his support, a man who’s checks you didn’t mind cashing, and most of all an electorate that trusted and supported you, even after Romney’s failure brought us 8 years of Obama. Governor Romney does not need to support Donald Trump, but this was beyond unnecessary.

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