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Mizzou Professor Gives Up, Resigns After Being Criticized For Trying To Hold Class

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Mizzou Professor Gives Up, Resigns After Being Criticized For Trying To Hold Class

I’m sure you’re well aware of the screaming, out-of-control dumpster fire that is the University of Missouri right now. The simple idea of protesting to remove UM Systems President Tim Wolfe so racism can end had much broader repercussions. Who knew?!

MU Nutrition & Exercise associate professor Dale Brigham is the latest casualty in this witch hunt of political correctness. The MU professor resigned Wednesday after stating he’d still be holding class a morning after anonymous threats were made online.

Here’s the email Brigham originally sent out to students and the one sent out later:

As you can see in Brigham’s original email, he clearly notes the class isn’t mandatory although an exam would be administered during the session. If you miss the exam because you truly feel unsafe, that’s perfectly fine.

Also, when has advocating for standing up to bullies been a bad thing? Should these random looney tunes who make these violent (and thankfully false) claims dictate how we live?

I should also note, the University of Missouri NEVER CANCELLED CLASSES. Although some professors individually deemed it better to cancel classes than have them, the university decided that holding class on Wednesday was still safe and so by-and-large classes remained in session.

Brigham’s only problem was holding an exam on the wrong day. An exam on an option class day?! What a jerk.

Brigham received support on Twitter:

So that brings us to three university officials who have lost their jobs by standing up for what they believed was right, even though it wasn’t the popular decision.

Impressively, Communication Department professor of Mass Media Melissa Click still has a job after threatening to “muscle” out a reporter.

Impressively, Greek Life director Janna Basler still has a job after childishly pushing a student-reporter and then acting like she never touched him.

Impressively, the Jonathan Butler and the #Concerned1950 students haven’t created a more accepting campus environment.

Kudos to Jonathan Butler, #Concerned1950, and all the supporters. I hope this is the “movement” you wanted.


Here is an email apology that the professor sent out to the students:


Image via YouTube

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