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My Friend Banged His Hot Stepsister And His Stepmother Walked In On Them

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We’ve all wandered into the deep abyss of porn searches, scouring the internet for the craziest things imaginable in order to satisfy our perverted minds. Don’t deny it. If you’ve never sat down at the campus library computer and tried to bypass their firewall as you search for “one-armed midget DP,” then I don’t know what you are doing with your life. While I just lost ninety-five percent of the readers to the sudden urge of opening up another tab, for the rest of you still remaining, wondering where I’m going with this, I’ve got a question for you: would you ever have sex with your stepsister?

Last year, I was invited to my buddy Jameson’s family reunion. He and I met during a ferocious game of dodgeball in grade school as we locked in on the fat Indian kid clutching his inhaler. We spent numerous nights in our formative years siphoning liquor from our parent’s cabinets, watering down their stash and making concoctions that would make Walter White tremble. After 11th grade, Jameson moved away and, as much as we tried to stay current, life took over. Being invited to his family reunion and being granted the chance to catch up with my best bud was an opportunity I was not going to miss out on. I booked a quick round trip and headed out.

I arrived at the reunion and Jameson greeted me with a room temp Natty. It was like no time had passed. I made the swift shake around the room as he introduced me to his extended family and someone who I learned to be a new addition, his stepsister Jennifer. This girl was a mid-range seven on the looks and a strong nine in personality. She was into golf, dirty jokes, bonfire shotguns, and routinely went hunting with him and his dad. Later on, we embarked on a road of reminiscing on old times and, while in the “what’s new?” section, he looked over at Jennifer and grinned.

“You didn’t!” I exclaimed. Looking in her direction, he nodded his head beaming with proudness. I thought “Did he really fuck his stepsister?” While in complete astonishment and with a half chub I asked, “but… how?” He began to explain.

One weekend his dad and his stepmom were off on a short getaway and Jennifer had just broken up with her boyfriend a few days prior. She was in one of those saddened, yet extremely revengeful moods as they hunkered down with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s on a rainy Thursday night. To clarify, Jameson is not one of those moral-less guys and made a point of telling me that as attractive as she was, he had never really thought about playing tummy sticks with her.

Yet, about 20 minutes later, a couple beers and one-third a tub of Rocky Road into their evening, that all changed.

They were watching a suspenseful thriller as she laid her head in his lap but he didn’t think anything of it. During a scary part, she clutched his upper thigh which, to quote him, “sent his system into overload.” His mind was racing to stop the boner countdown but his dick was not responding to the abort password. Noticing the impending launch, and with perfect execution, her hand slowly moved from his thigh up towards his groin with a smooth glide of the back of her finger. He froze.

On the glide back down, her finger turned inward and caught the end of his now fully-rigid penis. He nearly exploded as all control of his body had now been lost. She put down the bowl of ice cream and gently began to grip the top of his head with a playful three finger grasp. She stroked it slowly and tenderly. He needed no more convincing.

He grabbed her by the waist and uprooted her into a straddle position. He grasped the side of her neck with one hand and her butt cheek with the other. Her eyes began to roll as he gripped with his teeth the strings of her tank and gradually began to lower them. The edge of her tank glided over her nipple and it flung up more erect than his now revived anatomy. He nestled his lips between her bosom. She slid off his shirt and stuck both of her hands down his shorts. Roughly, he jumped up and flipped her, and they began going at it. While embarking on this unmarked territory which stood on the edge of confusingly blissful and hell-worthy, he heard the door screech open as his stepmom made an unexpected entry into the room. Turns out she had forgotten her purse.

I stood there in complete disbelief, waiting for the “and then what” prologue, when Jennifer walked over. I looked at her, then back at Jameson and once more at her. She turned to Jameson and said in disgust, “You fucking asshole, you told him didn’t you?!”

He sure did, Jenny. He sure did.

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