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NC State Student Stabs His Buddy While Allegedly Tripping On Acid

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Details of the stabbing remain unclear at this point, so the initial reports of this incident are fairly unexciting. According to ABC 11, a dispute broke out among NC State students and at least one person was stabbed with a broken beer bottle. A student was witnessed being carted to an ambulance and rushed away. That’s basically it.

Witnesses told ABC11 it involved a broken bottle and video from the scene showed a student being taken away in an ambulance.

It happened at Valentine Commons at 3009 ME Valentine Drive.

The witnesses – who live next door – told ABC11 one roommate attacked two other roommates. A motive wasn’t clear. All of the students involved are undergraduates.

Not exactly headline-grabbing stuff here. We heard from a student who knows a little more about the situation, though, and he fills us in on a detail of the story that adds a little more flavor to it. According to our tipster, the assailant was tripping on acid. Also, these guys, or at least one of them, is possibly a Phi Delt.

Email 1: Phi Delt at NC State stabbed by his roommate who was tripping on acid.

Email 2: I know that the roommate (who was allegedly tripping on acid) got into an argument with another one, so he went and broke a glass bottle and stabbed him with it, putting that guy into critical condition. Then he went and attacked the Phi Delt with the broken bottle but only minorly injured him thankfully. There were a couple news teams so there should be more coming out about it soon as well.

According to the news report, no one was seriously injured. We hope their report is more accurate than our emailer’s.

This incident just furthers my stance on not doing any type of drug beyond pot. By all means, smoke your lives away, hit that ‘dro, but anything that’s snorted, shot up, comes in pill form, or, I guess in this case, is ingested via blotter (that’s how you take acid, right? – like a little blotter thing on your tongue?) should not be fucked with. Stuff can happen beyond your control. Messed up stuff.

I’ve told you all about my very real fear of getting hopped up on some hallucinogens and mutilating myself, right? The whole bit about tripping on LSD and ripping my dick off and handing it to someone like they asked to borrow a pencil. That shit happens. Just people slicing open their midsections and spilling their guts on the sidewalk and not feeling any pain. Or how about that Wu Tang member who got super high and screwed his dick off like a dead lightbulb?! Terrifying stuff.

Stabbing your boy with a broken beer bottle? That’s almost best case.

[via ABC 11]

Image via Twitter/ @JoelBrownABC11

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