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Nebraska’s Sig Ep And KKG Are In Some Hot Water After Duct Taping Senior To Bench And Dousing Him In Condiments

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It wasn’t quite the Christmas that the members of Sigma Phi Epsilon and Kappa Kappa Gamma expected. Instead of peacefully ending the semester and subsequently heading back to whichever Nebraska cornfield they call home, the members of the two University of Nebraska-Lincoln Greek organizations find themselves spending Christmas break fighting allegations of hazing.

In early December, a video was passed around social media showing a half-naked man duct taped to a bench. That underwear-clad individual is allegedly a senior member of UNL’s Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter, and the entire incident was part of a “payback hazing” tradition in which freshman members get back at a member of the senior class that grassed their ass over the course of their pledgeship.

From Journal Star:

According to Lancaster County Court documents, UNL police obtained video of a fraternity member duct taped face down to a bench outside the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority at 616 N. 16th St. in early December.

In the video, which was shared on social media, the student wearing nothing but underwear is restrained on the bench with his arms above his head while freshmen in the fraternity and members of the sorority douse him with ketchup and mustard.

Police said it was unclear how long the fraternity member was taped to the bench, although video clips show him freeing his hands and pulling tape from his waist while still being sprayed with the condiments.

The members of both chapters are claiming it is part of tradition, meaning that Nebraska’s hazing law would not apply to the situation. Sig Ep even told the cops it was “an honor” to be the victim duct taped and turned into a bench-dwelling Oscar Mayer advertisement. While they may be able to skirt the specifics stated in the state’s law, the university will surely have something to say about this when classes resume January 11.

To their credit, KKG proved to be true allies in the fight against university investigations, going so far as to straight up deny the cops access to the surveillance video from a camera that was clearly pointed directly at the condiment covered bench. Being true cops, though, they just scampered off to a county judge who granted them a search warrant to seize the footage.

No action has been taken against either chapter, and nothing is expected to be decided until after the beginning of the spring semester.

[via Journal Star]

Image via Google Maps

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