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New Blog Highlights LSU “Greeks That Matter,” Is Actually Just Creepy And Lame

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It used to be that if you collected photos of non-celebrity women you didn’t know, people would think you were a creep, and a potential sex offender/serial killer. Those were simpler, more honest times.

Today, however, one simply has to put those pictures on a website and suddenly you’re a gossip blogger! Which is somehow considered cool, if not by direct admission then at the very least by visiting said website enough to justify its existence. Thanks a lot Gossip Girl. You might have given the world Blake Lively, who is in my spank bank hall of fame right next to Kate Upton and Helen Mirren (LONGEVITY COUNTS FOR SOMETHING!), but you’ve also given the catty, uninspired entrepreneurs of America inspiration for how to share their shitty attitudes and ideas with the rest of the world. At this point, starting a gossip blog is an even less inspired idea than starting a cupcake bakery, and that’s saying something.

One of the more recent additions to the gossip blogosphere is “LSU Greeks That Matter,” a blog which highlights, you guessed it, Greeks that “matter” at LSU. Matter is in quotes because the blog actually just highlights the most attractive Greeks at LSU.

Ever wondered who the most attractive people are on LSU’s campus? Specifically within each sorority/fraternity? If so, you’re welcome. If not, then whether you’d like to admit it or not, you have found your latest source of entertainment.

While I’d be hard pressed to disagree that the two don’t overlap quite often, it’s still a misleading title. Let’s call a spade a spade, shall we? Or was “Hottest Greeks At LSU” and all its possible variations already taken by an internet savvy porn producer? Pretty sure is still available, though admittedly it loses some catchiness in its honesty.

While the idea of posting pictures of attractive girls and guys from LSU is in itself a fairly uninspired and benevolent enough idea to not warrant too much of a fuss, the fact that most, if not all, of these pictures aren’t submitted by the people being featured on the site is, at the very least, really weird.

I’d like to invite all those unfamiliar with the Facebook Terms of Use Agreement that each user is required to accept upon creation of his or her Facebook account to read further. Assuming that the majority of the Facebook community agrees to this code of conduct without actually reading any of it, allow me to enlighten you on the photo privacy policy. Upon upload, your photo is public information. There are certain facebook privacy settings that will enhance the suppression of a user’s information, but the material still exists on a Social Networking site.

Every individual featured on the site is of legal age. If they were underage, or maliciously targeted in a negative light alongside their photos, I would better understand the facebook privacy argument.

Counterpoint: It’s still creepy.

Actually linking to their Facebook pages is even creepier, by the way. What the fuck is even the point of that?

Some people might wonder how this blog is any different from the TFM Sweethearts section, which is a valid question and an easily answerable one. TFM Sweethearts submit themselves for consideration, and a crack team of perverts evaluates them. If we find out someone else submitted the girl, we take down the page immediately. We don’t mind posting spank bank material here on TFM (see also: Boobs, Rush), but that material damn well better consent to it first.

The TFM Sweetheart section also has some actually entertaining substance beyond “DERR SHE’S HOT I WOULD SLAM HER.” While I assume almost everyone goes to the TFM Sweethearts page just for the pics, at least you can get a kick out of the creepiest moves and favorite TFM/TSMs. I know I do. I’m also pretty sure that there are like four guys out there who care about what their majors are.

I will give credit where credit is due though, LSU Greeks That Matter isn’t a commentariat anarchy filled with insights like, “lawl shes got herpees i wouldnt fuck her with a terrorists dick your so gay die in a fire to n e one who likes her your a deush!”

Every negative comment that has been/will be posted onto this site has already been/will continue to be removed immediately. We’ve even taken it under consideration to utilize the comment moderation feature of this site, to mitigate the presence of harmful material within comments altogether.

For that, I applaud LSU Greeks That Matter. It’s bad enough they violate the people they feature by reposting their pictures without their permission and link back to their Facebook pages, but at least they have the common decency to be the only ones to violate them.

The site also made a point of addressing an article I originally wrote last week that was at first, admittedly, under-informed.

There should really be a TFM retraction made, but the odds of that happening are slim to none.

That retraction, or rewriting, was put together literally as soon as it could have been considering the amount of information that had to be relayed and confirmed.

Final verdict on LSU Greeks That Matter: The site is relatively harmless, thanks in large part to the fact that they refuse to let negative comments be posted, but damn is it creepy and ultimately pointless, unless you’re an old perv who wants access to the Facebook pages of hot girls.

Image via LSU Greeks That Matter


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