New Remote-Controlled Robot Carries A Keg Around, Brings Beer Right To You

New Remote Controlled Robot Carries A Keg Around, Brings Beer Right To You

I love beer. I love lots of beer. I also love convenience. That’s why I think the Keg-a-Droid, a robot that can deliver a keg full of beer to someone with a thirst for the good stuff, is some next-level shit. I think I’ll be buying about seven.

The contraption keeps the beer cold, has a CO2 canister to take away the need for pumping, and a tap to pour the beer. All of that sits atop a platform on wheels that can move around via directions from a remote control. Sitting in the next room to avoid your nagging girlfriend while you’re watching the game? This shit has you covered.

It’s not exactly compact, nor is it cheap, but it sure is cool. If the project’s Kickstarter fund meets its goal, each unit will put you back around two grand. So, if you’ve got some money to spend and you’re lazy as shit, this might be for you. Of course, you can always just have a pledge get your beer for you.

While this robotic brew dispenser is pretty cool, it would never survive more than 10 minutes in a fraternity house. For one thing, it’d be out of beer pretty fast, seeing as it only carries a quarter of a keg. Plus, all the mechanical aspects would get gunked up with whatever foul substances you have stuck to your house’s floor. Still, if you want to drop the money, it wouldn’t be a bad way to impress the ladies or show people you have a “fuck you” amount of spending money.

[via CNET]

Image via Kickstarter

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