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New Study Shows That Men Want Four Hours Of Sex Daily

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Men are fairly simple creatures to understand. It doesn’t take much to get a firm grasp on what makes us tick. As long as our basic needs are met, we’re happy.

However, it looks like I’m in the wrong business, because someone was paid to conduct a new study recently, detailing exactly what I just told you–except the study used science and other equations that are well above my primitive math skills. The study’s results were surprisingly detailed and yielded some unintentional humor.

According to Unilever–the conductor of the study–a man’s ideal day would consist of four hours and 19 minutes of having sex, two hours and 38 minutes devoted to eating and drinking, and only three hours and 36 minutes of doing actual work, which is admittedly higher than I thought it would be.

If that wasn’t enough for you, 64 percent of men admit to using their smart phone or tablet while on the toilet. In other words, 36 percent of men are liars.

Seventy percent of men also admitted they would willingly reduce the number of friends in their lives if it would allow them to have more free time in their daily schedule.

The study even has a statistic for the gym rats (which I would imagine does not include many of you) stating 38 percent of men believe compressed workouts are just as effective as longer workouts.

As a man, none of those statistics surprise me and most seem fairly accurate. The only thing that does surprise me is that drinking and sex are not higher–but maybe that’s just my impression of men after spending too many years in a fraternity bubble.

To see all the statistics the study found, click on the link below.

[via Nine News]

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