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New Vodka Claims To be The Spiciest Spirit In History

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New Vodka Claims To be The Spiciest Spirit In History

I’m not a big vodka drinker. I never have been. All vodka is essentially the same to me. Sure, there’s a difference between the super cheap and the super expensive, but when it comes down to it, it’s not that big. However, there’s now a new vodka on the market that may make me change my mind.

I’m a spicy food guy. I fucking love it. For me, it’s half about the taste and half about just seeing if I can handle the heat. The Hot Enough Vodka Company, as the name would suggest, has just released a new vodka that will straight fuck you up.

Made with ghost pepper and bhut jolokias, the new vodka weighs in at an impressive 500,000 Scovilles (the unit of measurement for spiciness). The producers boast it as the hottest vodka ever produced and that it feels like “volcanic lava” as it goes down your throat. It’s roughly 200 times spicier than your average jalapeno pepper, so it’s definitely not for those of you who get heartburn from a little hot sauce on your wings. Not convinced it’s hot? The packaging the bottles come in even says, “Do not drink as a shot under any circumstances.” Fuck, man.

Hot Enough Vodka also makes some less spicy spirits, aptly named “250,000 Scovilles” and “100,000 Scovilles” for those of you trying to ease your way into the spicy vodka game. Personally, I think I’ll just stick to bourbon.

Do you still think it’s not that hot? Check out this video of people trying it for the first time:

[via LA Times]

Image via Facebook/Hot Enough Vodka

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