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NF Confessions: I’m Starting To Like Bieber

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This is a safe place. Within the virtual walls of this webpage, we are free from the harsh scrutiny of our peers — scrutiny to uphold the impossibly high standards of the lifestyle that our fraternity letters demand. Let your guard down. Share with us your most NF attributes, anecdotes, desires, or anything that is generally deemed NF.

We asked you guys to hit the NF confessional once again. Your anonymous responses are below.

  1. I’m starting to like Bieber. #NFconfessions
  2. I enjoy reading TSM articles. #NFconfessions
  3. I have 2 cats…because I like them better than dogs. #NFconfessions
  4. I brought my skateboard to college. #NFconfessions
  5. I only smoke strawberry swishers and get drunk after two beers. #NFconfessions
  6. I kind of felt bad for Flounder in Animal House when his car got wrecked. #NFconfessions
  7. Sometimes I tell my girl “I love you” just to see her smile. #NFconfessions
  8. I believe in living a healthy lifestyle, working hard in school, and excelling in sports. #NFconfessions
  9. I’m dating a girl who adamantly believes in socialized health care. #NFconfessions
  10. I look at TSM more than TFM. #NFconfessions
  11. I sit to pee when I have an erection. #NFConfessions
  12. I’m still in love with my first girlfriend and really don’t try to get laid because of it. #NFconfessions
  13. I lost my virginity on my wedding night. #NFconfessions
  14. I made my account the same night I got my bid and then got dropped because my GPA is too low. #NFconfessions
  15. I drive a Prius. #NFconfessions
  16. I am a senior and still a virgin. I am waiting for marriage. #NFconfessions
  17. I don’t drink beer. #NFconfessions
  18. My truck has EcoBoost. #NFConfessions
  19. I think The Notebook is a great movie. #NFconfessions
  20. I’ve never been fishing. #NFConfessions
  21. I enjoy Skoal Crisp. #NFconfessions
  22. I became a cop after graduation and actually like it. Downside, I hate fraternities now. #NFconfessions
  23. I’ve been singing Bieber’s new album in the mirror every mornig for the past couple weeks as part of my new ritual. #NFconfessions
  24. I ride a bicycle to class, bike helmet included. #NFconfessions
  25. One Direction is my shit. #NFconfessions
  26. I’m a vegan, and proud of it. #NFconfessions
  27. I had never had alcohol before college. The first rush party I ever attended, the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen asked me to go take shots with her in my room. I told her no thanks because I had never had hard alcohol before and wanted to start slow with beers, not realizing that I likely passed on hooking up with her. Never got another chance. #NFconfessions
  28. I’ve been a unicyclist since I can remember and still ride one today. #NFconfessions
  29. I’m 44 years old. #NFConfessions
  30. I’m only 14. #NFconfessions

To confess your NF qualities and be featured on next week’s NF Confessions, submit it as a wall post. Be sure to add the hashtag #NFconfessions. All submissions will be kept anonymous.

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