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NF Confessions: I’ve Had Sex In A Prius

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This is a safe place. Within the virtual walls of this webpage, we are free from the harsh scrutiny of our peers — scrutiny to uphold the impossibly high standards of the lifestyle that our fraternity letters demand. Let your guard down. Share with us your most NF attributes, anecdotes, desires, or anything that is generally deemed NF.

We asked you guys to hit the NF confessional once again. Your anonymous responses are below.

  1. I think Reagan was overrated. #NFconfessions
  2. I’ve been through a skater phase. #NFconfessions
  3. I still play Pokemon. #NFconfessions
  4. I’m an art major. #NFconfessions
  5. I really want a girlfriend. #NFconfessions
  6. I miss my ex so much that I started writing poetry. #NFconfessions
  7. I like Nicholas Sparks books. #NFconfessions
  8. I drive a PT Cruiser and love it. #NFconfessions
  9. I once told a girl I support her decision to wait until marriage. #NFconfessions
  10. I untie my boat shoes before taking them off. #NFconfessions
  11. I actually considered attending some of the on-campus protests at my school. #NFConfessions
  12. My crotch smells like cocoa butter. #NFconfessions
  13. Constantly checking TFM to see if you were posted on the wall. #NFconfessions
  14. I have an Android. #NFconfessions
  15. I’m excited that Coldplay is performing at the Super Bowl halftime show. #NFconfessions
  16. I use a belly putter. #NFconfessions
  17. I’m not satisfied with the current GOP candidates and will likely vote democrat because of it. #NFconfessions
  18. I’ve had sex in a Prius. #NFConfessions
  19. Caught myself singing some T. Swift in the shower a few days ago. #NFconfessions
  20. I support gun control legislation. #NFConfessions
  21. I am actively searching for employment with multiple non-profit organizations. #NFconfessions
  22. I joined a crossfit gym. #NFconfessions
  23. I prefer wine to beer. #NFconfessions
  24. I’m concerned about the environment. #NFconfessions
  25. I prefer to watch Pac 12 football over SEC football. #NFconfessions
  26. I liked Darius Rucker’s version of Wagon Wheel better than OCMS’s. #NFconfessions
  27. I fully and wholeheartedly support any decision the president makes. #NFconfessions
  28. I think anal sex is conceptually weird. #NFconfessions
  29. I will never own any car but a Toyota. #NFConfessions
  30. I’m considering trying the vegan lifestyle. #NFconfessions

To confess your NF qualities and be featured on next week’s NF Confessions, submit it as a wall post. Be sure to add the hashtag #NFconfessions. All submissions will be kept anonymous.

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