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NHL Legend Brett Hull Once Stole His Coach’s Jaguar After A Game To Go Rage At Strip Clubs All Night

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We just need to dive right into this story, via The Riverfront Times:

Flash back 21 years ago to the conclusion of a Blues game at the old St. Louis Arena. Brett Hull and Kelly Chase have just emerged from the building when the players, ready for some postgame revelry, realize that neither of them has a set of wheels.

“I thought you drove,” Hull quizzes his teammate.

“I thought you did,” counters Chase.

They stare at each other.

“Hold on,” says Hull, reentering the arena.

A few moments later the Blues winger returns to the parking lot with the keys to head coach Bob Berry’s Jaguar.

“Coach let you borrow his car?” Chase asks, surprised.

“No big deal,” replies Hull with a shrug.

The two climb into the Jag and race off for some fun on the East Side.

The “East Side,” refers to East St. Louis, IL, which is just on the other side of the Mississippi River and, outside of the glorious bubble of 24-hour strip clubs and casinos that call it home, it’s basically a war zone, and I sort of love it.

It’s 3:30 a.m. when they decide to call it a night. Coach Berry has an early morning practice slated to begin in just a few hours. But as Chase tries to open the frozen door to the Jaguar, the key snaps off inside the lock.

Not to worry, though. The security staff working the nightclub recognizes the players and brings out some beers and a bottle of rum. Someone builds a fire in an old oil drum, and just like that they’re having an impromptu tailgate party.

They’re all sitting there, swapping stories like old friends and passing around the bottle, when a locksmith finally arrives to fix the car. Yet Hull doesn’t want the night to end. He invites the bouncers out for breakfast — his treat — at the Eat-Rite Diner.

Day is breaking a couple of hours later when Hull and Chase arrive — on time — to practice. Hull nonchalantly tosses the keys to the Jaguar on Berry’s desk. It’s then that Chase discovers that Hull took the keys without permission. Coach Berry is livid. But instead of blowing up at Hull, he unleashes his rage on Chase.

“You’re not good enough to be doing shit like this!” he screams. “You’ll go back to Peoria again for doing shit like this!”

Brett Hull, you magnificent son of a bitch. Pulling bastard moves all night and then letting the young guy take the heat for it, because you’re too talented and too rich give a shit, or get in trouble for it.

Knowing you are good enough to be doing shit like that. TFM.

Nowadays, Brett Hull is the Executive Vice President of the St. Louis Blues, and the details of his job perfectly suit the luxury car stealing, stripper and booze loving hall-of-famer. Hull schmoozes fans, advertisers, and high rollers for the Blues, while building up publicity and helping keep ticket sales up. Considering Hull is working in a city that idolized him during the ’90s, and still considers him one of its greatest athletes, that job sounds about as hard as swiping car keys off a desk.

[via The Riverfront Times]

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