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Northwestern University Fraternities Forced To Apologize Because Anti-Rape Banners Weren’t Anti-Rapey Enough

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Fraternities are always getting in trouble for signs. There were the “Freshman Daughter Drop-Off” signs from last year. The pro-Trump signs from this year. Both 100 percent okay in my opinion, but you could see the outrage from SJWs coming from a mile away.

But as it turns out, fraternities can’t even hang banners supporting the noblest of causes without ruffling the bowl-cuts of hardcore feminists.

Fraternities at Northwestern University came under fire for hanging banners that supported victims of rape and raised awareness for sexual violence on college campuses. The brick entrances of the village houses were adorned with signs reading statements like “This Is Everyone’s Problem” and “[Insert Fraternity Here] Supports Survivors.”

Feminists were quick to respond to the heartfelt sentiment with exasperated, arm-jiggling outrage. One woman penned an op-ed in the student newspaper condemning the fraternities for their support of rape victims, saying that their banners lack self-awareness and do nothing but remind passersby of their undeserved privilege.

Here’s what one outraged student managed to say between shallow, wheezing breaths:

“To display a banner [saying] that ‘We support survivors’ is really something you have to earn by actually walking the walk,” one student told the Daily Northwestern.

Serious question, feminists: If acknowledging that there is a problem and making an effort to show support for a cause isn’t enough, what more can a man do to “walk the walk”? Should he throw on heels and participate in that useless, stupid Walk A Mile In Her Shoes event? (Because that seems a little gender-conforming to me). Should he cut off his dick, walk up to a group of gang members, present his asshole, and beg to be raped so he might know what it’s truly like to be a woman at a frat party?

Another question: How are these fraternities’ vocal support of survivors of sexual violence any different than the endless feminist protests and school newspaper op-eds? You’re both just putting a message out there. Why shit on us for hearing your worries loud and clear, then reciprocating?

I would love to dismiss this is as just another op-ed written by a college kid, but sadly, I can’t. The Northwestern IFC refused to brush it off (which they should have done) and has already issued an apology, promising to implement a longterm education plan (Educate them on what??).

From Heat Street:

Unfortunately, the fraternities were punished for taking even the first steps. And worse, Northwestern’s Interfraternity Council actually issued an apology for the signs, taking full responsibility for not being “cognizant” of the signs’ implications. The Council even committed to a long-term education plan, so that they never make the mistake of attempting to address societal ills in a productive manner ever again. But that also might not be enough. The student who spoke to the Daily Northwestern suggested a full on fraternity reprogramming: “It’s a matter of focusing on the kind of culture change that needs to happen for any sort of banner like that not to be ultimately hypocritical.”

You read that right. Fraternities are now apologizing for raising awareness for sexual assault. This is what college life has come to.

h/t Heat Street]

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AKA Boosh. Former high school back-up wide receiver. Author of two pretty successful Reddit comments. Recent grad from the University of South Carolina.

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