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This Notre Dame Student Is Pissed About Students Drinking And Yelling At Refs During Football Games

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College Football games are meant for two things: getting excessively drunk and bringing your opponent to tears with your insults. One Notre Dame student, who goes by the name Grace Agolia, doesn’t think that we should be doing these things anymore. So, she penned an opinion piece to The Observer to air out her concerns.

In response to some of the calls by a referee, we heard chants and comments from numerous students such as, “You’re blind and deaf, how can you be a ref?” and “The ref beats his husband,” somehow managing to combine homophobia and domestic violence into one slur.

I am appalled at this too, Grace. That first insult is so bad. You’re blind and deaf, how can you be a ref? That is just lacking in beef. Something along the lines of, “Hey ref, I hope you get fisted by a thousand cacti while getting waterboarded, you lousy sack of shit!” is much more respectable. But I also have anger issues, which might stem from my cocai… that’s another story for another day.

The author was also visibly upset about the drinking practices of students.

Why drink to excess “just because you can?” You don’t need to drink excessive amounts of alcohol in order to enjoy a football game.

What a terrible question to ask. There is no set answer besides “just because I can.” We don’t need any more reason than that, if we’re being honest here. And hey bud, have you seen Notre Dame football this year? I think those students do need excessive amounts of alcohol to enjoy a football game. The students at SMU and Texas know this all too well. If it wasn’t for alcohol, we wouldn’t even show up on gameday.

As fans, we do injustice to the game with these slurs and excessive drinking. Yes, let’s get excited. Yes, let’s cheer on our team. Yes, let’s do push-ups in the stands. But do we really need to pregame for five hours beforehand with excessive drinking and call out derogatory insults that are affronts to the dignity of others? I feel that does a disservice to our team and to who we are as Notre Dame students. We attend the University of Notre Dame. That’s a privilege. Let’s act with class, not with debauched revelry, and be considerate of other people’s backgrounds and experiences. Let’s support and respect our players, coaches, referees, ushers, announcers, band members and cheerleaders who work diligently week after week to carry on our golden tradition, even when they mess up, fumble or get sacked. That’s the nature of teamwork.

God, this kid is such a nerd. My guess is she either never played sports or was always that kid who told you to respect the opponent. “Wooo! Teamwork! Yeah!” That’s her motto. You know what else is considered teamwork? Drinking in excess and yelling obscenities at officials TOGETHER, letting the other team’s QB know that his girlfriend has a fishy vagina and his parents adopted him.

[via The Observer]

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Harrison Lee

The Boulevard is a Content Manager for Grandex, Inc. He hates soccer and terrorists. He will forget more about sports than you will ever know in your lifetime.

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