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Officer Blasts 10-Year-Old in the Chest with Taser on School Career Day

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Dear Officer Christopher Webb, I’m fairly certain you left a less-than favorable impression on these students, and none of them are going to want to be cops when they grow up, you know, the reason for your visit to the school. Webb visited an Albuquerque, New Mexico elementary school on May 4, and he couldn’t keep his taser holstered. You had three jobs to do during this Career Day:

1. Teach the students a little about what you do as an officer.
2. Stress the importance of staying in school and working hard.
3. Don’t shoot any students with your taser.

You failed #3 badly, sir.

Officer Christopher Webb was visiting the boy’s elementary school for a career day on May 4 when the incident occurred, according to Courthouse News.

During the presentation, Webb apparently asked a group of students if they wanted to wash his patrol car, the lawsuit states. When the boy, identified as R.D. jokingly refused, Webb pointed the stun gun at him and said, “Let me show you what happens to people who do not listen to the police.” Then R.D., who weighs about 100 pounds, was hit in the chest with two barbs and 50,000 volts of electricity, according to Courthouse News Service.

The boy blacked out.

Webb says he didn’t mean to fire the taser at R.D.

I love that this kid is going by R.D. He’s my kind of hombre. With a name like that, I have to assume he took the 50,000 volts like a champ before blacking out.

A lawsuit has been filed, claiming Webb acted in a reckless manner. Young R.D. suffers from PTSD because of the incident, and sometimes “[wakes] up in the middle of the night holding his chest, afraid he is never going to wake up again.” Officer Webb was suspended for three days without pay.

Side note: I could’ve used a taser last night on those mouthy little brats in my neighborhood.



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Dillon Cheverere

Dillon Cheverere (@DCheverere) is the Vice President of Media for Grandex, Inc. Email:

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