Another Team Will Unfortunately Fall For The Magic Of Mike D’Antoni

Yesterday it was announced that D’Antoni wouldn’t return as the head coach for the Houston Rockets. Now nobody should really be surprised as the Rockets were eliminated from the playoffs this year, and Westbrook was more focused on getting Rondo’s brother thrown out of the game than making baskets. Steven Adams wasn’t on the Rockets so Westbrook couldn’t fluff his stats by stealing rebounds. Harden was of course exhausted by the end of the series as it looked like he was spending his entire nights at strip clubs, even a bubble couldn’t force Harden to get in shape. Now sure D’Antoni had a great 4 year span for the Rockets as he had a record of 217-102, and made the Conference Semifinals 3 times, but he never made it to the Finals. This is the biggest problem for D’Antoni as he has never made it to the finals even though he’s regarded as one of the best coaches of the last couple of decades. D’Antoni is credited with revolutionizing basketballl, when he coached the Suns they were known as 7 Seconds or Less. They were the first team to shoot a shit ton of 3s, and play a run gun offense with pick and rolls. And guess what happened to him in Phoenix, he left as they never made it to the finals.

Now here’s where my true anger for D’Antoni begins as he started coaching the Knicks. He was going to be the coach that finally brought the Knicks to the promise land, and guess what he fuckin sucked. His first two seasons had losing records, and then his 3rd season the Knicks got swept by the Celtics. Mike Woodson then took over the team and led the best Knicks team of my life. So I guess the magical mind of D’Antoni was actually the problem of the Knicks.

Now it’s rumored that D’Antoni is considered for the head coaching job for the Pacers, and the 76ers. So two teams that have big men who shouldn’t be anywhere near the 3 point line in Embiid and Sabonis. That’s exactly what the 76ers need is for a head coach that his philosophy is to shoots 3s, and then shoot more 3s. Embiid for some reason loves to shoot 3s, and acts like he’s Kevin Durant, and not embracing his inner Shaq. Then there’s Ben Simmons who isn’t really a point guard, but more like a point center. He is never going to be a decent 3 point shooter or even have the balls to even try and shoot 3s in a game. Brett Brown and D’Antoni couldn’t be more of the opposite. Brett Brown is deathly afraid to change, and D’Antoni can’t stop changing even when it hurts the team.

I hope that whatever fan base gets Mike D’Antoni doesn’t get there hopes up to much. He will lead the team to a lot of wins, but don’t ever expect to get over the hump. His high flying all offense, small ball will never lead a team to the finals. Please remember this as your team loses in the playoffs year after year.