Austin Rivers Had A Gender Reveal And Didn’t Burn Down California

The Rivers keep being in the NBA news. First it was Doc Rivers leaving The Clippers, and then taking the head coaching position for the 76ers. Now Austin Rivers is having a boy. Gender reveals are big nowadays, which is the dumbest shit possible. First of all people of course take it way over the top. Someone lit off a smoke generating pyrotechnic that causally burned down 10,000 acres in California. Then there was a couple who had an alligator bite into a watermelon filled with blue slime. Then there’s the gender reveals where people at the party get hurt. There was a story of a guy kicking a football filed with powder, after he kicked the ball in full Charlie Brown style he slipped and broke his ankle.

There was also a couple that tried to fire pink fireworks into the air, but instead of it being a cute party. It quickly turned into a scene from Black Hawk Down.

People seem to take a hit of crack before they decide how to reveal their babies gender.

Austin Rivers and his girlfriend Audreyana Michelle are having a kid together, and of course they had to do a gender reveal video to share with the world. She lobbed him an alley-oop with a tiny basketball filled with blue powder. It was a weak ass dunk, and the ball popped in his hand before he actually slammed it. After the reveal he said that he was afraid of a LeBron chase down block coming for him. There’s videos of people showing up to random courts and just dropping their nuts on people. I would love for a random 6’10” guy showing up and making a vlog with him blocking the shit out of Austin Rivers.

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